Lady Barbara Judge ‘Extraordinary Human Being’ Profiled by Spectator Magazine

August 17, 2009

Chairwoman of United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority ‘Strives to Regain Lost Leadership in Nuclear Industry’

LONDON, Aug. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The well-known and highly respected British magazine, the Spectator has profiled the remarkable life of Lady Barbara Thomas Judge, Chairwoman of the UK Atomic Energy Authority. The July 22nd article detailed the career of the American born, former head of the Security and Exchange Commission, and her impressive and often unpredictable path from New York City to her career as a professional directory, holding “no fewer than 30 directorships.”

As the Spectator reports, “when she (Lady Judge) came over here in 1993, more than 20 per cent of our energy was delivered by nuclear power. But if we keep decommissioning, then by 2020 just 2 per cent of our power will be delivered by nuclear. And no one’s told me that we will need 18 per cent less power by then.”

The report goes on to cite Britain’s recent history in the Nuclear industry, “in 2006, British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) sold its two most valuable divisions, BNFL USA and Westinghouse Electric UK, for $5.4 billion. At the time, BNFL was widely considered to have pulled off a coup by ridding itself of twin burdens. Toshiba, the buyer, was accused of overpaying for outdated technology. New reactors are being built in 11 countries, including Russia, China and Abu Dhabi, with up to 70 more to come by 2025 in the likes of Italy and Jordan. Some of these projects would undoubtedly have involved BNFL, notably those in Jordan and Abu Dhabi, where Britain has strong links. Instead they will be built by one or more of Canada’s CANDU, Toshiba’s Westinghouse, a Russo-German alliance involving Rosatom and Siemens, and state-controlled Areva of France – for which President Sarkozy acts as de facto head of sales.”

In her position as head of the UK’s Atomic Energy Authority, Lady Judge states plainly, “we in Britain should be leading the nuclear power industry, because we have such a glorious past. When I was young, the smartest graduates would want to become nuclear engineers or physicists. Now, the dream is to do an engineering undergrad, then an MBA, then to get shipped off to a bank to become an energy analyst.”

When asked about her role and the role of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, Judge is quick to point out that “we can help with safety, site selection, construction services, maintenance – and prove that we are the most competent people to plan and build a project anywhere.”

If there’s anyone who can propel Britain from laggard to leader in an industry it once dominated, it is this American-born Lady in her atomically starched ruff.

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