August 19, 2009

Sprint ends lawsuit with donation

An age discrimination case won by former Sprint Nextel Corp. employees came to a quiet conclusion Tuesday with a donation to a U.S. charity.

Sprint agreed to give the March of Dimes $37,000 out of what was left of the interest accrued in a bank account that once held part of the settlement -- $36 million worth, The Kansas City, Mo., Morning Star reported Wednesday.

The bank account was part of a $57 million settlement reached in 2007. Most of the funds were doled out to 1,586 former Sprint employees with awards between $4,200 and $155,000. But lawyers hadn't figured out what to do with the interest the account would accrue.

Of the $182,000 left over, a portion went to the March of Dimes, the rest to Sprint to cover administration costs.

The parties agree that this is a reasonable resolution, a court filing says.