Environmental Combo Making Music for Concrete Industry

August 24, 2009

WENDELL, N.C., Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ — Fortrans Inc. (http://www.fortransinc.com), a North Carolina-based company that manufactures earth-friendly chemicals and pH Control Systems especially for the concrete industry, announces its new CR-650 Concrete Remover, which, in combination with Fortrans’ lines of pH control systems for process water, aids concrete producers in achieving their goals for green technology.

Fortrans has been around since 1996 and has developed innovative cleaning products for the concrete industry. Its new CR-650 Concrete Remover is a super-concentrate, which makes it a very cost-effective product for the concrete industry. This product biodegrades to carbon dioxide and water and does not contain any hydrochloric or phosphoric acid, so users do not have to worry about treating their water to neutralize chlorine or remove phosphorous before they discharge pH adjusted water.

The other half of the combo is the line of pH control systems that concrete producers use to lower pH of their process water and lower the total suspended solids of this water to under the EPA limit of 30 mg/l. The process allows the owner to discharge or recycle water at low cost and meet the permit requirements for discharge of process water.

“When you combine high-performance chemicals that do not require waste treatment with an inexpensive way for ready mix concrete producers to adjust pH and reduce solids in their process water, you get a combination that is good for us and good for our customers,” says Bob Cooke, owner of Fortrans Inc.

Fortrans’ systems do not use sulfuric acid to lower pH, so operational and maintenance costs are up to 60% less than acid systems. These systems are also much safer than comparable acid-based systems.

Fortrans was the first company to employ this type of pH control technology for concrete producers and has a good knowledge base to share with the industry.

Fortrans’ pH Control Systems are well-tested with over 200 units installed throughout the United States, some of which are over eight years old and are operated daily.

“At Fortrans we are in the business to help the concrete industry keep its trucks exceptionally presentable to the public and to manage process water in a responsible manner,” concluded Cooke.

For more information, please visit http://www.fortransinc.com.


    Robert C. Cooke

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