August 24, 2009

Calif. lawmaker responds to Nevada ads

A California lawmaker says he is retaliating against a Nevada advertising campaign seeking to draw businesses away from the Golden State.

State Assemblyman Jose Solorio, D-Santa Ana, said he was upset by the nasty tone of the ads produced by the Nevada Development Authority, and is launching his own campaign with the theme, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happens in California makes the world go 'round, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Nevada's ad spots compared California legislators to monkeys and the state budget to flying pigs, the Times said.

I was pretty outraged by the nastiness of their tone, Solorio told the newspaper. It's one thing to compare states in a factual way, but when you're doing nasty ads, veiled in humor, which dehumanize Californians, that's over the top.

The retaliatory spots reportedly feature shots of California landmarks and a roster of successful businesses based in the state.