Himfr.com Reports on Four Hot-selling Door Products

September 2, 2009

BEIJING, Sept. 2 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Himfr.com, one of China’s leading
B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name,
reports on four hot-selling door products.

The classifications of the doors and windows market are very simple, the
categories are wood, steel, aluminium, plastic, iron and glass. Today,
Himfr.com is prepared to introduce to you the most popular window and door
products in the market for you reference.

Aluminium alloy doors and windows: the appearance is bright and solid.

Aluminium alloy doors and windows depend on bright appearance and solid
features that are popular in the market.

However, with increasing market saturation, competition within the
aluminium processing industry has become more and more fierce, and some
producers have reduced costs in order to achieve greater market share. They
use low-quality materials when processing, which leads to an aluminium alloy
doors and windows market flooded with low quality products, making it
difficult for customers to distinguish the differences.

Plastic-steel doors and windows: solid stability and thermal insulation.

Plastic-steel windows and doors have been on the market for a long time,
and their prevalence has not been instant, mainly because the market is
somewhat chaotic with similar products of varying quality. Small processing
plants produce double-layer glass-plastic-steel windows only sold at 200 RMB
with free installation.

While in the formal market, double-glass windows at 400 RMB per square
meter and most hollow glass windows at more than 1,000 RMB per square meter
are often of poor quality. For plastic-steel windows and doors, defects are
easy to spot: layering; seals and other auxiliary materials do not match with
the main profile; the appearance is rough; sealing performance is poor; and
metal parts may not be up to standard. For low-grade steel doors and windows,
the thickness of the steel may be below standards, even without steel supports,
so that its product life is shortened.

Solid wood doors and windows: workmanship is very fine but expensive.

In recent years, with green building materials becoming more and more
popular and consumers’ product preferences changing, the solid wood doors and
windows industry has suffered but may make a comeback. Loved by home
decorators, solid wood doors and windows, mostly made with very fine
workmanship, appear noble and elegant. Whether European-style carved or
classicality-style or simple and neat, each can provide a different room

Solid wood doors and windows with a soft texture, sound insulation,
natural colour, texture simplicity and other characteristics give people warm,
pleasant feelings. Although the price is not cheap, they are still loved by
many families, especially for interior bedroom doors and bathroom doors. Many
families choose solid wood doors and windows, coupled with solid wood floors,
giving a sense of getting back to nature. In addition, plywood doors and
windows also occupy a certain market share.

Fibreglass windows and doors: lightweight, high-strength, anti-ageing.

The glass-steel windows and doors are new products coming after the era of
steel doors and windows. Fibreglass windows and doors naturally combine the
advantages of other types of windows and doors, matching the anti-corrosion
performance of plastic-steel doors and windows and the stability of steel and
aluminium doors and windows. Fibreglass windows and doors, however, also have
their own unique performance, such as no expansion under sunlight, no
shrinkage in cold weather, lightweight, high strength, anti-ageing, and long
life service. Their comprehensive performance is better than other types of
doors and windows.

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