Catalyst Venture Partners Advises EVRS Ltd on GBP600,000 Equity Fundraising

September 3, 2009

BATH, England, September 3 /PRNewswire/ –

– Catalyst has Successfully Advised Accelerator Member EVRS Ltd on the
Completion of GBP600,000 “Series A” Financing Provided by a Group of Private

EVRS has developed a new approach to waste recycling. The EVRS approach
combines a well understood hydrolysis process with proprietary additives and
catalysts to rapidly convert all organic matter into pure cellulose. The
outputs from this process can either be utilised as a basis for products such
as construction boards or converted to ethanol. Most importantly, the process
leaves nothing to landfill and being hermetically sealed, emits no discharges.

Richard Turner of Catalyst Venture Partners who advised on the deal said:
“EVRS Ltd is one of the most exciting environmental technology companies we
have seen. This funding from private investors will substantially help the
company get to expansion stage.”

Martin Osment, founder of EVRS, commenting on the deal said: “We are
thrilled to complete the funding and are delighted with the advice and
assistance provided by the team at Catalyst. They held our hand from start to
finish. We could not have done it without them.”

The EVRS Process

EVRS technology is best categorised as “Thermally Excited Chemical
Transformation” (TICT). The process involves steam-heating the waste to 165
degrees Celsius and a pressure of 7 atmospheres (100 psi) and then mixing
with a complex series of catalysts. This triggers a unique chemical
transformation of hydrolysis to take place and cellulosic material breaks
down into pure glucose which can either be converted to cellulose or
fermented and turned into Ethanol.

The potential for this technology is huge: currently household waste is
buried, burned or recycled. Currently the UK generates about 30 million
tonnes of household waste, of which 58% goes to landfill. Disposing of waste
cost councils nearly GBP1.5 billion in 2006/07, according to the Audit
Commission. A significant proportion of this waste can now be converted to
cellulose, which attracts a value of GBP500 per tonne.

About Catalyst Venture Partners (http://www.catvp.com)

Catalyst Venture Partners are a corporate finance and fast growth
advisory firm specialising in the environmental technology, healthcare,
software and media. We work with ambitious and entrepreneurial led companies
who are at the early and expansion stage of their development and seeking to
raise equity between GBP500,000 and GBP5 million.

For Further information please contact: Richard J Turner, T:

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