September 3, 2009

Apple’s Snow Leopard gets bruised in blogs

U.S. computer maverick Apple Inc.'s new operating system Snow Leopard remains a strong seller despite ominous-sounding complaints, records show.

The program has kept its No. 1 spot on Amazon.com software sales since its August 28 release, InformationWeek reported Thursday. But many online reviews are pointing to a system failure that has been given the street-wise nickname, the spinning wheel of death.

The name refers to a rotating icon that appears on some computer screens when the system freezes.

Internet bloggers offered many solution. Apple posted one.

Your Mac may start up to a gray screen after upgrading from Mac OS X v10.5 to Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard, the company said.

This may occur if a previous Mac OS X v10.5 software update had been downloaded using Software Update, but not completely installed, before installing Snow Leopard.

The new program offers several new features, but a Web site has arisen which lists Macintosh applications Snow Leopard does not support.

There are about 100 on the list, InformationWeek said.