September 4, 2009

Poll: Canadian consumer confidence higher

Canadian consumer confidence is at a two-year high, a Harris Decima/Investors Group survey published in Ottawa Friday indicated.

The weekly survey of more than 1,000 consumers conducted at the end of August found the number who see good times ahead in the coming year jumped to 29 percent from 20 percent recorded in June.

That put the Investors Group's ongoing index for Canada at 86.5, compared with 65.7 in the United States, the release said.

The survey said 30 percent of Canadians believe they'll be better off financially a year from now, nine percent believe they will be worse off and 55 percent believe they'll be about the same.

On a five-year basis, optimism continues to grow, with 58 percent anticipating good economic times, while 28 percent see bad times. In June, the split was 51 percent to 36 percent, the release said.

The poll had a 2.2 percent margin of error, Harris Decima said.