Eliminate Over-Lighted Roadways & Save Energy With Dimmable LED Streetlight Systems

September 15, 2009

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ — Strategic Telemetry and XUS Corporation announce the first electrical lighting and management system (ELMS) to offer adaptive light level control for LED roadway lighting. Compliant with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) standard NTCIP 1213, this technology offers dynamic remote control and monitoring of lighting, power metering and ground-fault detection safety equipment.

Jim Frazer, Strategic Telemetry’s COO states, “Roadway lighting designers typically select components that deliver the required minimum level of light at the fixture’s end of life. As light output degrades significantly over the fixture’s life, up to 30% of this light output and resultant energy use is simply not required. Using Strategic Telemetry’s adaptive lighting system with dimmable XUS fixtures, light output can be reduced at time of installation, and increased automatically as the fixture ages. Using this technology allows luminaires to emit a constant amount of light, meeting the required levels over the entire installed life of the fixture, without over-lighting or excessive energy usage.”

Bob Gray, CEO of XUS Corporation adds, “By providing “fixture-ready intelligence”, and dimming using either a centralized control communication interface or independent fixture control, this product provides extended lifetime expectancy, and optimum light output. Together with Strategic Telemetry, the “XDRIVE(TM)” roadway light provides a seamless interface with ITS compliant software. The integrity of the communication link is solidified by using Echelon Corporation’s LonWorks(R) network control technologies. Compliance with ITS standards allows data backhaul over the nation’s ITS network and enables control, monitoring and diagnostics previously unimaginable to the street and roadway lighting marketplace.”

Press Conference:

Please attend the Strategic Telemetry / XUS Corp press conference at 12 noon today at the American Public Works Association Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

About Strategic Telemetry: Ingenuity, innovation and technical excellence are integral to Strategic Telemetry. Our revolutionary adaptive lighting software suite continues to evolve to include dynamic asset management, enterprise resource planning and support of wireless user interfaces. Compliance with market needs and federal standards are assured through strict adherence to systems-design engineering principles. Implementation of Strategic Telemetry’s broad range of solutions allows our customers to quickly begin saving time, energy and lives.

About XUS Corp: The XUS team is singularly dedicated to developing green technology and sustainable lighting solutions for business, municipalities, and homeowners. Our engineered approach to product development and manufacturing allows us to stay ahead of the ever-shifting technology curve. XUS Corp.’s proprietary designs provide regulated voltage and superior heat management, and our products provide better performance and an expected maximum life cycle. Compact and lightweight, our products boast a clean, sleek design and provide aesthetic benefits over outdated fixtures. Based in Michigan, XUS products are manufactured exclusively in the U.S.A.



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