September 15, 2009

Ford in Germany introduces Grand C-Max

Ford Motor Co. unveiled a seven-passenger compact minivan in Frankfurt, Germany, which will be part of a new 10 vehicle compact ensemble, the company said.

The new vehicles are based on the 2011 Ford Focus, the Detroit Free Press reported Tuesday.

The minivan, the Grand C-Max, will come with a 4-cylinder engine that features an Ecoboost system, which uses turbocharging and fuel injection to increase fuel efficiency.

Chairman of Ford Europe John Fleming said mileage with the system increases 20 percent.

We believe that we will be catching the leading edge of Generation Xers and millennials, said vice president of product development Derrick Kuzak.

Ford builds a five- and seven-passenger Grand C-Max for the European market. However, it plans to offer the U.S. market only the seven-passenger version.

Ford is planning to launch a variety of smaller vehicles based on the Focus, including hatchbacks, sedans and coupes.

In Europe, the Grand C-Max will be assembled in Valencia, Spain. Ford has not yet said were it will be built in the United States.