95% of the City of Cape Town’s Green Waste Recovered for Organic Composting by Soil & More

September 17, 2009

CAPE TOWN, South Africa and WADDINXVEEN, The Netherlands, September 17
/PRNewswire/ — Eosta subsidiary Soil & More has been awarded the right to
recover about 95% of the City’s green waste for organic composting. Soil &
More Reliance (SMR) recently signed a contract worth around 70 million Rand
with the City of Cape Town. The company has been awarded the contract because
of her prominent sustainable entrepreneurship.

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The cooperation between the City of Cape Town and SMR started in 2007,
when the company was contracted to chip green waste on three sites in the
Peninsula. Only two years later, municipal authorities rewarded SMR with a
new contract, allowing the company to chip green waste at 12 sites in and
around Cape Town. This is a 400% growth within two years, which will increase
the amount of chipped green material from 9.000 m3 to 23.000 m3 (36.000 m3 to
92.000 m3 unprocessed) per month over the next three years. To ensure
efficiency at all sites, SMR invested into four industrial top (tub) grinders
from the USA.

Together with the City of Cape Town, SMR aims to further reduce the
amount of green waste dumped on landfills. SMR uses innovative composting
technology which does not only transform green waste into high quality
compost, but also qualifies as an emission reduction project according to the
UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

Currently, Soil & More Reliance generates its carbon credits through
methane avoidance in shortening the methane emitting period of the green
waste. Soil & More’s compost is produced using green waste which -if not used
for composting- would be dumped on landfills and left to rot, thus emitting
methane for decades. The carbon credits are generated according to the latest
UNFCCC guidelines, and third party verified.

Parent Eosta was the first food distributor in Europe to offer TÃÅ“V-Nord
certified Climate Neutral products (organic fruits and vegetables), based on
full lifecycle carbon assessments by Soil & More. Eosta has been a pioneer in
sustainable entrepreneurship for years and was the founder of the “trace and
tell” scheme Nature & More. Shortly, the company will present a whole new
view on Corporate Social Responsibility, including the social values Freedom,
Justice and Solidarity and the environmental themes Air, Animals, Energy,
Plants, Soil and Water

Contact : Eosta, Mady Hogenboom/ Michael Wilde, +31180635590

SOURCE Soil & More Reliance (SMR)

Source: newswire

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