World’s Largest Film Premiere Spanning Six Continents, More than 50 Countries and Uniting Nearly One Million People Worldwide for Climate Change Reform on Monday, September 21

September 17, 2009

NEW YORK, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ — An unprecedented global film event, the eco-premiere of the critically hailed documentary THE AGE OF STUPID will be broadcast live from New York City’s World Financial Center on Monday, September 21 to more than 700 locations in over 50 countries simultaneously, uniting nearly one million people for climate change reform during Climate Week NYC, setting a new Guinness World Record for the largest single screen shared audience experience ever.

The event will kick off with a green carpet bicycle-powered performance by Moby and will culminate with an acoustic act from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

Newsmakers and world and environmental leaders will gather for the premiere, which will be followed by a panel discussion on climate change where audiences will hear live from field scientists working in the Himalayas as well as Kofi Annan, Former Secretary General of the United Nations; various international Ministers and Presidents, actors Gillian Anderson, Heather Graham, Pete Postlethwaite and the film’s director and producer Franny Armstrong and Lizzie Gillett, all hosted by Gideon Yago of MTV and Current TV fame.

Audiences around the world at local cinema screenings will join the NY-based event via digital transmission including more than 350 U.S. cities as well as cinemas in Hong Kong, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, Buenos Aires, Tehran and Lebanon. Tickets (average box office admission) are still available at www.ageofstupid.net. The event kicks off CLIMATE WEEK NYC when world leaders meet to discuss reforming the international environmental treaty (Kyoto Treaty) which is up for review in December and will mark a watershed moment in our world’s environmental history.

The eco premiere will feature a live procession on a green carpet (made of recycled soda bottles) as guests arrive by sailboat, bicycle, solar car and rickshaw. Electricity used to power the event will be provided from renewable energy and all food and drink will be organic and locally sourced. An installation of 1,500 plastic water bottles will hang from the solar tent cinema, representing the amount of bottles consumed every second.

Around the globe, countries are readying for their individual premieres from a 5,000-seater stadium on the Pacific island of Kiribati to a humble beach screening event with a screen sewn together with sails in Vanuatu. In Mumbai, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur will be speaking directly from the diminishing glaciers in the Indian Himalayas; In Buenos Aires, famed Argentinean singer Elena Roger will serenade audiences; In Madrid, local celebrities will attend a candle-lit carpet; In Nigeria, the Governor of Lagos and fellow politicians will join local celebrities; In Amsterdam and in Copenhagen, the Dutch and Danish Royal Families are joining celebrities in support of the film.

THE AGE OF STUPID is supported globally by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Move ON and Tck Tck Tck. The film has been screened for the United Nations, Center of American Progress, EPA, The World Bank, the UK Parliament, the European Union, and the Scottish, Welsh, Swedish, Australian and Dutch parliaments.

THE AGE OF STUPID is the four-year epic from Director Franny Armstrong (McLibel) that utilizes dramatization to forecast decades into the future detailing a life where the warnings of climate change were not heeded. Oscar(R)-nominated Pete Postlethwaite (“In the Name of the Father”) plays a global archivist living in 2055 who takes audiences back through news clips and personal docu-stories from 2004 – 2008 wondering why we didn’t stop global warming when we had a chance. Are we THE AGE OF STUPID?

THE AGE OF STUPID was funded by a unique “crowd-funding” partnership whereby 228 people and groups invested in the documentary, raising nearly $750,000. Each owns a share as do the 104 crew members who all worked at extremely reduced wages.

THE AGE OF STUPID Press Materials: http://www.ageofstupid.net/press-pack

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