September 21, 2009

USDA says crops still slow

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said 40 percent of the soybean crop had dropped leaves -- the latest indication that U.S. crops are slow to mature this year.

The rolling average of soybean progress over the past five years shows an average of 58 percent of the crop has dropped leaves by this week of the year. Similarly, 80 percent of the corn crop has reached the dented stage, against a five-year average of 93 percent by this week of the year.

Twenty-one percent of the corn crop in the country's 18 largest corn producing states is listed as mature, against an rolling five-year average of 55 percent.

The winter wheat planting season is progressing along with historic averages -- 24 percent done against an average of 25 percent. Eighty-five percent of the spring wheat crop has been harvested, against an historic average of 96 percent.

Thirty-seven percent of the nation's rice crop and 7 percent of the cotton crop have been harvested. Four percent of the peanut crop and 6 percent of the sugarbeet crop are out of the fields, the weekly crop report said.