Billy Rautenbach Positive About Involvement in SA Business

September 23, 2009

JOHANNESBURG, September 23 /PRNewswire/ — Commenting on the successful
conclusion to the plea bargain agreement between the National Prosecuting
Authority (NPA), S.A. Botswana Hauliers (Pty) Limited and its company
representative and director, Billy Rautenbach, who said that he is overjoyed
to be able to enter South Africa once again.

“It’s always been my goal to return to South Africa to pursue potential
business opportunities here once my name was cleared,” says Rautenbach. “It’s
been a frustrating time of exile for me having to watch the evolution of
business in South Africa and being unable to make my contribution.”

During his 10-year exile, Rautenbach continued to support the South
African economy with a procurement spend of over US50-million (approximately
US$1 million per week over a year) through his mining activities.

In 2006 Central African Mining & Exploration Company plc (CAMEC), an AIM
listed company, acquired various mining operations in the Democratic Republic
of Congo
(DRC), which were developed by Rautenbach.

During this time SABOT, a transportation and logistics company associated
with CAMEC, also placed Africa’s largest trucking and trailer order valued at
over US$58 million with various Johannesburg-based suppliers.

CAMEC was also responsible for spending over US$250-million in the DRC,
which included millions of dollars on corporate social investment activities
to uplift the communities surrounding its operations. The company also
created employment for over 5,000 people at its Luita plant. At an average of
5 people per household, 25,000 people are being sustained as a result of this

“Business has a major role to play in the developing countries of
Africa,” adds Rautenbach. “The developments in the DRC have been very
rewarding and I’m particularly excited and optimistic about the recent
changes in Zimbabwe. Together with many other business people, and South
African companies who will be pivotal to this process, I look forward to
helping to create new networks within the South African business community to
pursue opportunities in the emerging ‘new Zimbabwe‘.”

Rautenbach, representing S.A. Botswana Hauliers, reached a plea bargain
agreement with the NPA on 18 September 2009. It is believed that following
careful analysis and consideration it was concluded that the alleged
offences, related directly to the company and not to Rautenbach personally.
All criminal charges against him have been withdrawn and he is at liberty to
enter the Republic of South Africa, subject to the compliance with normal
immigration and custom formalities.


Source: newswire

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