OceanLED(R) Unveils Innovative LIET(TM) Interior/Exterior Lighting System for Yachts

September 24, 2009

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ — With the launch of its latest innovation, leading underwater lighting manufacturer OceanLED(R) has brought yachting’s above-water world out of the dark and into the LIET(TM) — the company’s revolutionary new interior/exterior product range that makes 100-percent LED lighting for yachts a beautiful reality.

In developing its LIET range, OceanLED has perfected methods of achieving optimal color temperature for a wide range of interior and exterior lighting applications. This is achieved using three different LED color temperature options in concert with a range of color correction filters. Together, these ensure ideal illumination options for highlighting both the interior and exterior design elements of today’s most exquisite yachts.

OceanLED’s exclusive filters are designed to subtly shift the hue to best suit certain onboard environments. For example, adding just a hint of pink to the LED light to accentuate the decor or linens in the master stateroom, or adding a touch of amber hue to highlight the striking details in the marble elements of a master bath. This brilliant yet simple system of managing color temperatures and hues makes lighting a central element of modern yacht design, rather than a challenge to overcome.

“The impact of our LIET range goes beyond attractive illumination — it has the potential to change how yachts are built,” said Lee Savage, CEO at OceanLED. “The use of the LIET range will allow for massive reductions in cable weight, power consumption and heat emissions. Smaller A/C units can therefore be used, as well as smaller onboard generators, which translates to lower fuel consumption. Ultimately, LIET will lead to more efficient yachts with reduced carbon footprints, showing the true power of our forward-thinking lighting solution.”

OceanLED LIET3 and LIET6 models both feature spectacular brightness, stylish bezel designs and unparalleled efficiency, compared to standard halogen bulbs or competitive LED products. Each light is housed in an attractive polymer body that is only 9mm thick, yet incorporates the light’s electronic driver circuitry (eliminating the need for separate LED drivers). This housing also includes a built-in 0-10V dimming system as well as a self-diagnostic fault indication system. Precision optics over each LED in the unit ensure brilliant, flawless illumination.

The OceanLED LIET6 consumes only 5.3W total, yet delivers 584 lumens in the first stage output prior to secondary stage collimated magnification via TIR (total internal reflection), boosting peak intensity by more than 500-percent. At up to 10 times brighter than the competition, OceanLED LIET6′s innovative design creates the equivalent light output of a GU10 50W halogen bulb.

All lights in the OceanLED LIET range feature a 60-degree beam, correct color temperatures and perfectly even light spread to prevent light or dark spots. The LIET3 and LIET6 are available in both surface and fully recessed models in soft white, bright white and daylight, with a range of optional color correcting filers. An anti-glare honeycomb baffle to discreetly conceal the lighting unit is also available.


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