September 30, 2009

Retired Xerox workers sue over healthcare

A group of retired Xerox Corp. employees has filed a class-action suit in western New York against the company over cuts in their lifelong medical benefits.

Association of Retired Xerox Employees filed the suit in a case that could be heard in Rochester, N.Y.

The suit, representing workers hired before 1989, could potentially involve more than 30,000 plaintiffs, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported Wednesday.

The defendants include Xerox Corp., the Xerox Retiree Flex Health Care Plan and Chief Executive Officer Ursula Burns.

Court papers claim the company promised lifelong health coverage. In September 2008, however, Xerox announced benefits would be trimmed, the newspaper said.

Retirees are in the disturbing and unenviable position of having to initiate litigation against their former employer to preserve the benefits promised to them for their lifetime of work, David Coriale, Association of Retired Xerox Employees Inc. chairman, said in a prepared statement.

Xerox spokesman Carl Langenskamp said, we don't comment on pending litigation, Buffalo Business First reported.