E SOURCE Integrates Social Media Strategy into Utility Communicators Service

October 1, 2009

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ — The use of social media is a growing trend for customer communications, and some utilities are starting to leverage social media tools such as blogging, Twitter, and virtual communities to share energy-conservation tips and to communicate with customers and the media during outages. For more than 20 years, E SOURCE has been delivering utility-focused research and advisory services, and the E SOURCE Utility Communicators Service focuses on providing utility professionals with best practices and support around customer communications and public relations. Now, E SOURCE is offering social media strategy, policy information, engagement ideas, and content to help utilities include these new channels in their overall corporate communications plans.

To provide North American utilities with comprehensive social media guidance, E SOURCE has teamed up with Filtrbox–a robust monitoring, analysis, and engagement platform that allows users to listen to online conversations in real time, measure the impact of those communications, and respond appropriately.

“Having an integrated social media strategy is critical for our utility customers, but creating one can be intimidating because of the scope and reach of online communications today,” said Matthew Burks, manager of E SOURCE Mass-Market Services. “Our expertise in utility communications, customer care, and program marketing combined with Filtrbox’s technology, creates a powerful marriage of tools and tactics that allow our clients to identify the social media high-reward/low-risk entry points for their specific organization.”

E SOURCE members can access the Filtrbox platform now. Ari Newman, CEO of Filtrbox, says, “Utilities that are listening and engaging in online conversations, as well as measuring consumer sentiment, can generate a quicker response to complaints, outages, emergencies, etc., and in turn achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction.”

More information about the E SOURCE Utility Communicators Service can be found at www.esource.com.


E SOURCE has been providing leading-edge energy business intelligence to over 300 utilities and large energy users for more than 20 years. Our research analysts and consultants are among the best minds in the business, delivering significant and timely research that equips our customers with the right information at the right time to make better, faster decisions. We’re in the know–predicting and addressing trends, technologies, and problems related to energy efficiency, utility customer satisfaction, program design, marketing, customer management, and sustainability.

About Filtrbox

Filtrbox offers a market-leading, real-time social media monitoring platform. Filtrbox G2, the company’s flagship product, is a real-time monitoring and engagement web service, delivered through an on-demand SaaS platform. It enables a company to set up comprehensive monitoring, with interactive analysis and drill-down as well as deep analytics and reporting. Now businesses can listen to online conversations in real time, measure the impact, and react and respond effectively. People are talking about your company, your brand, and your industry right now . . . are you listening? For more information, please visit www.filtrbox.com.


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