WI Environmental LLC. Makes Technology Available That Works for the Recently Suggested EPA (BACT) Requirements

October 7, 2009

SEATTLE, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine a world where smokestack emissions were no longer an environmental threat to the world. WI Environmental LLC. a company dedicated to environmental solutions for air, soil, and water, has a technology solution that converts a dirty technology into a clean technology without spending the money to pre-treat the coal. Existing coal-fired power plants are modified to completely eliminate emissions that are harmful to the environment.

WI Environmental’s revolutionary technology solution eliminates the release of global climate changing carbon dioxide (CO2) gases as well as heavy metals, small particles, and NOx and SOx contamination into the atmosphere. “Why store or contain contaminants when they can be remediated permanently, and effectively?” said Timothy Wandell, president of WI Environmental.

“We solve the smokestack and coal ash residue deal breakers for private industry as well as governments creating a clean air solution,” added Wandell. “I feel extremely fortunate to be born and raised in America and I’m proud of my contribution, an American technological solution, which offers a major contribution to solving Global Climate Change problems around the world.”

WI Environmental has engineered the Clean Smokestack Solution (CSS) by combining two worldwide patented, trademarked, tested and applied technologies: the Air System Technology (AST) Solution and XR-88(TM). Used together, they yield unprecedented and incomparable results by removing carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as heavy metals, small particles (ash not trapped by the electrostatic precipitators), and NOx and SOx contamination found in the emitted flue gases.

The Qingdao New World Company of China has repeatedly tested our technology and successfully treated chromium hexavalent, attaining and surpassing the stringent Chinese Standards. Because XR-88 treats acid mine drainage, heavy metals in rivers, lakes and soil and chromium hexavalent at very low dose amounts, it has been shown that this American technological innovation is the answer to China’s pollution problems as well as other countries.

XR-88(TM) is the product that stabilizes and renders benign a wide variety of metals (such as uranium, copper, hexavalent chromium, nickel, zinc, lead, arsenic and many others) that are found in industrial waste, acid mine drainage and nuclear power plant radioactive wastewaters. XR-88(TM) effectively and efficiently neutralizes heavy metals contaminants found in water, soil, and sludge.

XR-88(TM) has been extensively tested in the U.S. and China. Wastes treated with it passed every test, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (US EPA TCLP) test for leachability of trapped metals in the remaining sludge, thus yielding a non-hazardous waste.

In recent engineering evaluation tests conducted by an EPA Certified Laboratory, AmTest Air Quality, WI Environmental LLC. demonstrated that its patented technology for air purification (AST) removed over 90% of the CO2 in the test vessel. The CO2 removal is accomplished at the same time heavy metals, small particles, NOx and SOx are removed. A major advantage to removing CO2 with XR-88(TM) is that it chemically reacts with the CO2 to form a chalk-like material with a high silica content that can be filter pressed and used for beneficial uses. Carbon sequestering of CO2 is obtained by chemically binding the CO2 in a material that will not dissolve in water or release CO2 with time. This eliminates the need to sequester pure CO2.

About WI Environmental

WI Environmental LLC. is a Washington state environmental solution company founded by Timothy Wandell. For additional information contact info@wandellindustries.com or www.wandellindustries.com

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