Melexis Opens the Door on a New World of Automotive High Voltage Integration

October 13, 2009

YPRES, Belgium, October 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Melexis extends its
product portfolio of ASSPs with a new generation of system solutions for
different smart actuator applications, like window lifter, roof control,
engine flaps as well as seatbelt retractors and others. The MLX81150,
developed with the industries most cost efficient 0.18um technology, realizes
the single die integration of automotive grade high voltage components, flash
memory as well as digital and mixed signal blocks.

The number of electronic applications in current automobiles increases
every day. The proliferation of electronics in automobiles demands higher
integration and improved cost effectiveness. The previous generation of chip
development in this area used SIP (System in package), but in general this is
not cost efficient due to the complex assembly technology and the necessary
overhead. Additionally a bare die application on ceramic substrates, or
hybrid circuit, is difficult to realize with SIP devices. To gain the
advantage of SIP with cost efficiency of single die solutions Melexis has
developed the MLX81150, the 1st product of a new family which opens the door
to the next level of cost efficient automotive integration.

The MLX81150 integrates a physical layer LIN transceiver, a voltage
regulator as well as a 16-bit microcontroller with 32kB flash memory
including the peripheral functions like high voltage IOs, timer, ADC with
differential amplifier for current monitoring, PWM-unit and EEPROM. The high
voltage mixed signal integration of the 0.18um process enables the inclusion
of a relay driver with free wheel function to support relay based DC
applications like window lifters.

As a microcontroller core it uses the field proven 4-bit/16-bit dual task
implementation. The 4-bit task takes care of communication and the 16-bit
task is completely free for the motor control algorithm. A fully approved LIN
Software driver meeting the communication tasks of all LIN protocols (LIN1.3,
LIN2.x and J2602) is available and functions just like a complete high level
development environment.

The high integration of all components together with the flash memory
makes the MLX81150 a perfect fit for cost sensitive and flexible LIN slave DC
motor actuators.

The product is currently under development and will be available with 1st
samples Q1/2010. The MLX81150 is value priced at $1.97 for 50K quantities.

More information: http://www.melexis.com

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