Oregon Gives Temporary Permit to Use Flight Control Plus(R) Geese Repellent on Clover Grown for Seed

October 20, 2009

NEW CASTLE, Del., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ – To combat a growing threat, the Oregon Department of Agriculture has issued a temporary permit to use Flight Control Plus® on clover grown for seed. This product has proved to be an effective deterrent for geese. Flight Control Plus® is a non-lethal gut irritant for geese. When eaten, it results in a learned pattern and has the potential to reduce goose pressures during critical plant growth stages.

The Willamette Valley of Oregon, where most of the country’s clover seed is produced, is also in the Pacific Flyway. Historically, large populations of geese used this flyway to migrate to California. However, because of habitat disruption and other factors, many geese no longer make the long journey to California and, instead, overwinter in the Willamette Valley. Increased presence of geese on agricultural lands in Oregon, has resulted in significant crop losses, especially to clover grown for seed.

Spraying fields in which clover is grown for seed with Flight Control Plus® will effectively stop geese from feeding on the crop. For more information about obtaining and using Flight Control Plus® to protect clover grown for seed, contact your local agriculture chemical retailer or county extension agent. To obtain copies of the Flight Control Plus® Section 24(c) Label – SLN OR-090027, MSDS and Introductory Offer/Grower Evaluation Form, go to: www.ArkionLS.com.

Arkion( )Life Sciences LLC, based in New Castle, Delaware, is a technology-based company leading in the discovery, development and marketing of environmentally friendly, natural or nature identical compounds.

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