The 2009 Vintage in Beaujolais: History in the Making

October 22, 2009

NEW YORK, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ — Thanks to a hot year with some rain in June and very little in July and August, healthy vines were able to produce grapes of impeccable quality and optimum ripeness in Beaujolais. This combination of deliciously sweet, small, thick-skinned berries — displaying a perfect balance of sugar and acidity — and extremely low yields, has winemakers and producers anticipating that 2009 will be one of the greatest vintages Beaujolais has ever known.

The harvest, which began on August 27th as more than 50,000 grape pickers descended upon the region, lasted throughout the month of September, with picking in the latest ripening areas finishing around the 25th. The first signs of the great potential for this vintage came from the deeply concentrated color of the first juice press. According to Jean-Luc Berger, technical manager of Inter Beaujolais and the French Vine and Wine Institute, “With the exception of 2005, we haven’t seen such rich color since the 1976 vintage.”

The fermentation process has already begun in the cellar, where classic raspberry and blackcurrant aromas of Beaujolais’ principal grape variety, Gamay, are showing remarkable aromatic complexity with rich and seductive flavors of small red fruits at the forefront as well as vine peach and violet.

With tannins high in both quality and number (levels are comparable to 2005) the structure, length, and finish of the wines are expected to be outstanding. Producers are anticipating fleshy, powerful, cellar-worthy wines, displaying richness, fruitiness and freshness. Jean-Luc Longere, a winemaker in Le Perreon said, “2009 is set to be as elegant and refined as it is powerful. This year, we have to allow the grape to express itself.

The 2009 vintage in Beaujolais is showing signs of being a historic one that will undoubtedly be celebrated by producers and wine lovers alike for years to come. Dominique Capart, winemaker and President of Inter Beaujolais said, “This vintage will only get better with age. Fifteen years from now you will still be able to enjoy the pleasure and magnificence of 2009.

About Inter Beaujolais

Inter Beaujolais is the official wine-trade organization of the region. Its primary mission is to promote Beaujolais wines in France and in key export markets by raising awareness of the region. In addition, Inter Beaujolais is responsible for three other major activities: research and development — they boast the largest research facility in France, economic studies to best position their offer, and lastly, the protection and the defense of Beaujolais AOC. For more information, please log on to the newly launched: www.beaujolais.com.

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