Himfr.com Evaluates Siemens Washing Machine

October 26, 2009

BEIJING, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Himfr.com, one of China’s leading
B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name,
evaluates the Siemens WD5125 washing machine.

Himfr.com evaluates the Siemens SILVER WD5125 washing machine in terms of
appearance, details, noise, and performance for consumers’ reference.

The Siemens SILVER WD5125 has a classic, modern appearance, and the silver
colour goes well with a variety of home furniture. The only fly in the
ointment is that, at 600 x 560 x 860mm and with 5.2kg washing capacity, it is
relatively large.

In terms of the detergent box setup, this machine has the same design for
the insertion of the main detergent, pre-wash program detergents and soft
bleaching agents, which enables the effective interaction and chemical
reaction of a variety of detergent chemicals. However, if the detergent box
were marked with Chinese or English instructions, it would be more convenient
to use.

Drains, water inlets and power lines have been left on the back of the
washing machine, and all current washing machine water inlets and drainage
pipes are of a unified specification, so the pipe length can be easily
extended. In addition, the back of the machine is flat with no positioning
card design, so installation requires attention.

The Siemens SILVER WD5125 is highly energy efficient; its wash ratio of
1.05 meets first grade requirements.

In terms of its operation panel, the design of this Siemens SILVER WD5125
is also more user-friendly, fully taking into account most people’s habit of
right-handed operation. The program select knob design is on the right side.
This button is very flexible and can rotate freely, so it is easy to choose
the necessary procedure, and each program has a Chinese prompt that is very

The display area for this Siemens SILVER WD5125 is also very good; it is
an oversized LED display, which gives it a distinguished appearance. In
addition, the eye-catching orange font is very bright; even at night you can
clearly and accurately determine the state of machine washing.

In addition, the central part of the operation panel has eight additional
procedures for the operation of touch buttons, from left to right: “Start \
pause, free ironing, high water, add rinse, temperature, RPM, drying options,
an appointment time.”

The internal barrel of the Siemens SILVER WD5125 is an all-metal barrel
with no welding points, so there is no chance of rust.


The Siemens SILVER WD5125′s design reflects Siemens’ simple design concept.
But for a washing machine with a 5.2kg washing capacity, and a size of 600 x
560 x 860mm, indeed, it is a bit large.

In market research, the easy-to-turn knob program selection keys, touch
keys, and oversized LED display with orange font have been determined by
Siemens to be practical and easy to operate.

In terms of the washing procedure, this Siemens SILVER WD5125 is also more
practical, with settings such as quick wash cotton, standard washing and
chemical fibre washing, as well as personalized washing settings such as
sports shoes washing and wool washing. The settings cover all needs that might
be encountered in daily life; it is a highly functional machine.

Market Prospect Analysis:

The Siemens SILVER WD5125 is about 5,445 yuan; it is a high-end model.
This price is too expensive for ordinary consumers. It is more suitable for
the middle class. Because of its drying function, Himfr’s analyst believes
that sales in the southern region will be stronger than in the north.

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