SRI Consulting Validates Catilin’s Process Advantage

November 3, 2009

AMES, Iowa, Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ — Catilin, Inc., a leading catalyst technology company for biofuels, announced today that SRI Consulting of Menlo Park, CA, has completed a technical and economic analysis of the Catilin process for producing biodiesel. SRI concluded that Catilin’s solid catalyst process has a value advantage over the traditional catalytic process of 13 cents per gallon of biodiesel. When the capital expense savings are included, the advantage increases to 19 cents per gallon of biodiesel.

“We are pleased that SRI Consulting has completed this review and will include the information as a supplement to their Biodiesel Production Report. This thorough analysis validated our T300 catalyst as a real breakthrough in current and future biodiesel production for use with first, second and third generation feedstocks,” said Larry Lenhart, President and CEO.

The heart of the Catilin process is the T300 heterogeneous catalyst which is a non-toxic direct replacement for the commonly used toxic sodium methylate. Unlike other solid catalysts trying to enter the market, Catilin’s T300 catalyst is able to operate at industry standard pressures and temperatures. As a result, current producers can retrofit their plants in a matter of days at very low cost. Another key advantage is that the glycerin coproduct has purity greater than 98% and qualifies as technical grade which significantly enhances its overall value.

“The potential benefits of a solid catalyst for the biodiesel industry are significant and we are glad to see Catilin pursue this work” said Glen Meier, Director of Technology and Feedstock Development for Renewable Energy Group, Inc. He continued, “We also appreciate the efforts of Catilin to operate at typical temperatures and pressures to conserve energy and believe this will widen the market acceptance of the catalyst.”

The abstract of the SRI Consulting report is publicly available here: http://www.sriconsulting.com/PEP/Public/Reports/Phase_2009/RW2009-5/.

About Catilin

Catilin, Inc. is a catalyst technology company that is revolutionizing biofuels production. Catilin has a unique, new technology for biodiesel production that greatly reduces the cost of producing a gallon of biodiesel while creating a superior quality biodiesel and glycerin co-product. The pioneering research of Catilin, in conjunction with Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University, continues to focus on the future of biofuels including award-winning research on algal oil extraction and sequestration. For more information, please visit our website http://www.catilin.com.

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