Diga-Talk Launches Commercial Radio Service in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area

November 6, 2009

JOLIET, Ill., Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ — A Beep, LLC of Joliet Illinois has announced the commercial launch of Diga-Talk. Diga-Talk is an all-digital 2-way communications network for business. Business owners have been searching for many years for the right communication tool to communicate with and operate their business effectively and economically. Business owners with employees traveling throughout a wide-area know the problems associated with communicating with their people. Many owners have equipped their people with cellular phones, but the phones themselves create many problems for most users. Businesses that dispatch service calls to medium and large fleets are unable to talk to all of their people at the same time with a cellular phone. Many times they find that the person they need to talk with is busy talking to someone else on their phone. Cellular phones are also prone to abuse where employees often use them to talk to friends and relatives during working hours, all at the business owner’s expense.

Historically businesses that needed the ability to talk to all of their field units simultaneously used some type of 2-way radio system. Even though these expensive 2-way radios communicated over many miles, they still lacked the wide-area regional coverage needed by most growing businesses. These older radios required too much operator intervention, had many locations were they were “out of range” and could be easily overheard by competitors with radio scanners.

Here comes Diga-Talk, a new revolutionary tool that fixes these problems. Diga-Talk is a wide-area all-digital secure communication network for business. This easy-to-use Diga-Talk unit provides instant communications only to other properly programmed Diga-Talk units. It can be programmed for group calls to talk to all of the Diga-Talk units in the company at the same time, or it is able to make private one-to-one direct calls.

Unlike previous 2-way radios, Diga-Talk is completely automatic as it roams throughout the coverage area. The Diga-Talk subscriber unit automatically uses one of the closest communications towers that blanket the region. The Diga-Talk unit can be equipped with automatic vehicle location that utilizes GPS. The GPS is able to report the Diga-Talk location and other events that occur such as a door opening and closing on a vehicle. Diga-Talk can be vehicle mounted, set-up as a dedicated office base station and available in a hand-held walkie-talkie style unit.

Diga-Talk subscriber unit utilizes Nexedge NXDN digital technology and equipment distributed by Kenwood U.S.A. Corporation. The Diga-Talk system in the Chicago Metropolitan area is currently the largest system of its kind in the world.

About A Beep, LLC:

A Beep, LLC is one of the nations largest commercial operators of 2-way radio systems for business.

A Beep is an authorized dealer of communications equipment from many of the world’s leading manufacturers: Kenwood, Motorola, ICOM, Zetron, Telex, Raytheon JPS, and Bridgecom.

A Beep is privately held with its corporate office located at 452 North Chicago Street, Joliet, IL 60432. 888-404-2337 http://www.abeep.com

Find out more information about Diga-Talk at http://www.Diga-Talk.com or contact us at sales@Diga-Talk.com


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