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November 18, 2009

NEW YORK, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ — Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue.

Optical Coatings – A Global Market Report


Thanks to continuous innovations, optical coatings industry is driving new markets and business opportunities with its progressive transformation. The coatings are utilized in various sectors including environmental, chemical, and abrasion resistance; EMI shielding; climate control; biological protection; and high and low temperature operation, in addition to applications in optical fibers and filters. The market is set to experience significant growth buoyed by interest from the nanotechnology, display, and biotechnology sectors. Demand from the electronics and instrumentation sector, where optical coatings are used in flat panel displays, laser optics, computer and television screens, and camera lenses, will propel market expansion. Medical and transportation industries are the other key end-use areas.

These and other market data and trends are presented in “Optical Coatings: A Global Market Report” by BizAcumen, Inc. Our reports are designed to be most comprehensive in geographic coverage and vertical market analyses.




Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations 1

Disclaimers 2

Quantitative Techniques & Reporting Level 3


Progress in Optical Coatings Drives New Markets and Business

Opportunities 3


Optical Coatings 4

Review of Select Coating Types 4

Anti-Reflective Coatings 4

Transparent Electrodes 4

Reflective Coatings 4

Filter Coatings 4

Electrochromic Coatings 4

Overview of Raw Materials 4

Silica 4

Indium Tin Oxide 5

Fluorides 5

Aluminum 5

Silver 5

Gold 5

Copper 5


Electronics and Instrumentation 6

Medical 7

Transportation 7

Telecommunications 8

Architecture 9


Tough Anti-Reflective Coatings from IOF 9

European Researchers Develop Coatings for Solar Cells 9


ZC&R Coatings for Optics Partners with Abrisa Industrial Glass 10

JDSU Acquires Fiber Optic Division of Westover Scientific 10

Ball Aerospace Chooses Barr Associates to Provide Filter

Assemblies 10

Coherent to Sell Optics Manufacturing Assets to REO 11

PPG Industries Pockets NanoProducts 11

JDSU Releases New Additions to WaveReady(TM) Product Line 11

DiCon Releases MEMS Tunable Demux 11

Edmund Optics Unveils TECHSPEC® High Performance Shortpass

Filters 12

Edmund Optics Introduces TECHSPEC® F- Theta Scanning Lenses Line 12

Optoplex Launches Dual-Rate DPSK Demodulator 13

Optoplex Introduces New OPM Supporting 40G 13

Semrock Rolls Out BrightLine® Dichroic Beamsplitters 13

Semrock Expands BrightLine® Family 14

Semrock Launches E-Grade Ultra-steep Raman Edge Filters 14

Semrock Launches the New EdgeBasic(TM) Optical Filters 14

Bookham Unleashes Zorolight LED Multiplexing Module 14

Oerlikon Optics Unveils GoboXtreme(TM) Blanks 15

API Takes Over NanoOpto 15

Vestar Capital Purchases Stake in AZ Electronic Materials 15

INFICON Takes Over Maxtek 15

Halma Acquires Labsphere 16

Unidym Signs Joint Development Deal with InterPhases 16

PPG Acquires Industrial Coatings and Architectural Business 16

JDSU Forms Partnership with Mintera 16

Abrisa Industrial Glass Acquires ZC &R Coatings 16

CVI Melles Griot Acquires Coherent Imaging 17

JDSU Acquires Picolight 17

Quantum Coating Acquires Denton Coatings Group 17

PPG Industries Plans to Acquire SigmaKalon Group 17

PPG Industries Acquires Coatings Resource 17

CVI Takes Over Melles Griot 17

Qioptiq Enters Chinese Optics Market 18

Rohm and Haas Divests European Automotive Coatings Business 18

Opco Introduces VPT CITATION I(TM) 45-Inch Precision Coating System 18

BBGR Unleashes Neva Secret Color- Free AR Coating 19

DuPont Unveils AR Film Coatings for LCDs 19

Performance Coatings International Launches LensGuard 19

JDSU Releases Two Optical Filters 20

Deposition Sciences Develops New Thin- Film Coatings in the

Infrared Region 20

BASF and DaimlerChrysler Launch Environment Friendly Liquid Metal 20

Semrock Enhances UV Ion Beam Sputtering Capability 20

Semrock® Introduces Novel FISH Filters 21

Semrock Releases Mercury Line Filters 21

Semrock Introduces New Near-infrared Fluorescence Filter Sets 21

Semrock Expands Superior Performance UV Filter Range 22

Semrock Develops New Fluorescence Filters to BrightLine® Family 22

Semrock Unleashes New Laser Dichroic Filters Line 22

Edmund Optics Launches Blackened Optics 22

Iridian Spectral Technologies Unleashes New CWDM Ultra-Reflect

Filters Line 23

DiCon Introduces MEMS Tunable Filter 23

Oerlikon Launches b-Stage Epoxy Technology 23

Princeton Instruments Develops New Silver Coatings 23

Bookham to Launch VHB Laser Diode Bar 24

JDSU Unveils OCC-56 Smart Optical Channel Checker 24

JDSU Rolls Out CWDM OTDR Modules 24

JDSU Launches TLS-55 Smart Optical Tester 25

JDSU Releases MTS/T-BERD 6000 LITE 25

JDSU Unveils MAP Variable Optical Attenuator 26

JDSU Introduces Optical Component Environmental Test System Plus 26

JDSU Launches Two New Products 26

JDSU Develops New Fluorescence Filters 26

Iridian Spectral Introduces New Ultra Steep Short Pass Filters 27


Abrisa USPG Glass and Coatings (USA) 27

ZC&R Coatings for Optics, Inc. (USA) 27

AccuCoat, Inc. (USA) 28

Princeton Instruments (USA) 28

AFE Technology Coatings Ltd. (UK) 28

Align Optics, Inc. (USA) 28

Andover Corporation (USA) 28

Applied Films Corp. (USA) 28

Applied Coatings, Inc. (USA) 29

Barr Associates, Inc. (USA) 29

Brewer Science, Inc. (USA) 29

CVI Melles Griot (USA) 29

DELTA Light & Optics (Denmark) 29

Denton Vacuum, LLC (USA) 30

DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc. (USA) 30

Dontech, Inc. (USA) 30

Dynavac (USA) 30

Edmund Optics, Inc. (USA) 30

EMF Corporation (USA) 30

Evaporated Coatings Inc. (USA) 31

Exotic Electro-Optics, Inc. (USA) 31

Fosta Tek Optics, Inc. (USA) 31

Hampton Scientific, Inc. (USA) 31

Helia Photonics Ltd. (UK) 31

Hoya Corporation USA (USA) 32

VLOC Incorporated (USA) 32

Iridian Spectral Technologies, Ltd. (Canada) 32

Janos Technology, Inc. (USA) 32

JDS Uniphase Corporation (USA) 32

Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc. (USA) 32

Metavac, Inc. (USA) 33

Vacuum Process Technology, Inc. (USA) 33

Mloptic Corp. (China) 33

mso jena Mikroschichtoptik GmbH (Germany) 33

Newport Thin Film Laboratory, Inc. (USA) 33

Nikon Corporation (Japan) 34

Opco Laboratory, Inc. (USA) 34

Ophir Optronics Ltd. (Israel) 34

Optical Coatings Japan (Japan) 34

Opticorp, Inc. (USA) 34

Optoplex Corp. (USA) 35

OptoSigma Corp. (USA) 35

PFG Optics (USA) 35

Photonic Products Group, Inc. (USA) 35

Laser Optics Division 36

Prazisions Glas & Optik GmbH (Germany) 36

Quantum Coating, Inc. (USA) 36

REFLEX Analytical Corporation (USA) 36

Research Electro-Optics, Inc. (USA) 36

Rocky Mountain Instrument Co. (USA) 37

Semrock, Inc. (USA) 37

Seoul Precision Optics Co. (South Korea) 37

Umicore NV (Belgium) 37

Umicore Coating Services (UK) 38

Oerlikon Optics (Liechtenstein) 38

Tru Vue, Inc. (USA) 38

Zygo Corporation (USA) 38



Table 1: Global Optical Coatings Market by Region for the

Period 2007-2015 (Sales in US$ Million)

Table 2: Percentage Breakdown of Global Optical Coatings

Market by Region for the Years 2008 & 2012

Table 3: Global Optical Coatings Market by Product Type for

the Period 2007-2015 (Sales in US$ Million)

Table 4: Percentage Breakdown of Global Optical Coatings

Market by Product Type for the Years 2008 & 2012


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