Busworld Kortrijk was a Success for TEMSA !

November 19, 2009

MECHELEN, Belgium, November 19 /PRNewswire/ — “It was a tremendous
success!”, says Wim Vanhool, Executive Board Member of Temsa Europe.
“Customers appreciated the way we hosted them and in particular the
confidence that we were able to create in terms of services and environmental

TEMSA products are sold in 46 countries, of which at least 9 were
represented at Busworld and returned with signed purchase orders. The key
markets for TEMSA are still Benelux, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy and France.
The preferred vehicles for years have been the touring coach TEMSA SAFARI HD
in stainless steel and the midi-coach TEMSA OPALIN in touring or intercity
version. The city bus, TEMSA AVENUE, made also a great impression and
constituted a major part of the total sales at Busworld Kortrijk.

“Choosing Hall 7 exclusively for us was of course a bit risky,” says Ali
Murat Atlas
, Managing Director of Temsa Europe, “but we were confident that
customers would look for us and we have taken every opportunity that was
available to remind them that we were waiting for them in Hall 7. Once they
reached us, many enjoyed staying for a long time. Now everyone knows where to
find us for the coming Busworld Kortrijk exhibitions.”

TEMSA presented the world premiere of its AVENUE HYBRID, which drew a lot
of attention and effectively positioned us as a legitimate partner for the
development of city buses for environmentally friendly public transportation.
The shift towards environmentally conscious products and services was valued
by over 500 visitors who preferred a digital product brochure instead of the
paper version. In addition, TEMSA had a tree planted on behalf of each of
these visitors.

“We are very happy with the quality of the visitors,” says Louis Kern,
Group Product Manager, “interest is high, also from research and development
companies who see TEMSA now as a brand that stands for innovation. We will
pursue our efforts for bringing additional features on the market that will
lower the kerb weight of our vehicles and increase their cost efficiency and
environmental performance.”

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Fact sheet TEMSA Global

Strategy – TEMSA stands for “Value in Motion” or Lifetime Ownership Value

TEMSA is continuously concerned about the efficiency of its products and
services as to their capacity to enable the bus operators to run a profitable
business. Its promise to them is a low lifetime ownership cost. The brand has
some key assets to be able to sustain this positioning:

    - Geo-strategic manufacturing: TEMSA builds where it presents
      a direct advantage to the market where the product will be distributed
      while reaching the highest standards of quality. Vehicles for Europe
      are built in Turkey. Vehicles for the MENA region and the Gulf
      Countries are built in Egypt.

    - In-house R&D capacity: TEMSA has an independent R&D company
      that has a wider scope of research than classic R&D departments in the
      automotive industry. This allows it to do primary research on materials
      particularly and alternative energy sources. The most tangible result
      is that TEMSA products are among the lightest in their category.
      Lighter means less consumption, pollution, and maintenance. This has a
      direct impact on the balance sheet as the weight reduction can make the
      operator save up to 10% of its initial investment.

    - Network of experts: TEMSA products are sold in more than 46
      markets through 48 dealers and distributors. The brand favors the local
      approach: leveraging the knowledge, relationship and market expertise
      of a local partner to serve its customers best in each market with a
      product that is adapted to their local needs.

Background information TEMSA

TEMSA is a Bus & Coach brand belonging to the company TEMSA Global. TEMSA
Global is one of the companies of the Sabanci Holding, Turkey’s leading
financial and industrial conglomerate. The brand is sold in more than 46
markets including Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Gulf countries and CIS.
The company has 2 bus & coach production plants: Adana (Turkey) and Cairo
(Egypt). 75% of its production is destined for international sales of which
80% in Europe.

TEMSA offers 16 models in total according to the various needs of the
regional markets and of the particular usages: touring, intercity and city.

For more information please visit our website http://www.temsa.com

For more information on Sabanci please visit http://www.sabanci.com

Please also find attached our corporate brochure for reference.


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