Synchrony Receives Serial Production Order for Integrated Drive Trains from McQuay

November 23, 2009

ROANOKE, Va., Nov. 23 /PRNewswire/ — Synchrony, Inc., the leader in clean, efficient, and reliable technology for rotating machinery and power conversion systems, announced today that it has received an order from McQuay International for serial production of integrated drive trains to be used in high efficiency chillers.

McQuay will incorporate Synchrony’s innovative technology into its recently introduced line of frictionless chillers. The chillers are designed for commercial and industrial buildings demanding high performance heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, such as sustainable buildings designed to meet requirements for LEED® Green Building Certification. Synchrony is an established leader in its award-winning line of clean, frictionless magnetic bearings and high-speed drive trains. McQuay, part of Daikin Industries, is the world’s second largest HVAC company and an industry leader in green HVAC systems.

Synchrony’s technology reduces energy usage, oil disposal, and operating costs by replacing oil bearings, gears, and low speed induction motors with high-speed motors on magnetic bearings. This provides a dramatic improvement in the efficiency of the system, whether at full load or part load.

Synchrony has received a purchase order from McQuay for the delivery of 150 integrated drive trains that will be incorporated into McQuay’s Magnitude(TM) chillers. These units represent the first portion of a Letter of Intent that McQuay provided to Synchrony earlier in 2009 with an expected total sales value of $16 million. Under the terms of a previous agreement, Synchrony also has exclusive rights to develop new integrated drive trains for McQuay.

This product launch is a significant step for Synchrony, which was the recent recipient of the prestigious R&D 100 award for its Fusion® magnetic bearing. Synchrony’s technology is creating broad new opportunities for use in motors, generators, pumps, compressors, fans, and blowers in the HVAC, renewable energy, oil and gas, air separation, power generation, and defense markets.

“The market for our magnetic bearings and high-speed drive trains is rapidly expanding with increased industry attention on energy efficiency and the environmental sustainability,” said Synchrony President and CEO Victor Iannello. “We’re delighted to partner with McQuay in offering a new generation of HVAC systems that are green while also reducing lifecycle costs.”

Founded in 1993, Synchrony brings a spirit of engineering excellence, bold innovation and creativity to improving rotating machinery and power conversion systems. The company develops and delivers world-class products that maximize the ROI, energy savings, and environmental benefit of its customers’ machines. Synchrony is headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia. For more information visit the new www.synchrony.com.

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