Good Things Come in Threes and So Do Christmas Gift Ideas

November 25, 2009

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 25 /PRNewswire/ — Christmas is a time of giving and outdoor enthusiasts always seem to be the one group no one knows exactly what to give them. We’ve picked three gifts this year to help you in your search. Good things are said to come in threes, so here are our choices: The redesigned 2010 Toyota 4Runner SUV; the award-winning ZipVac vacuum packing system and a newly released book on fly fishing that’s destined to become a collector’s item.

2010 4Runner in the Forefront — When the Toyota 4Runner SUV launched in 1984, it was a revolutionary new vehicle based on the mechanics of the 4WD Toyota pickup truck. The 4Runner combined the versatility and go-anywhere ability of 4WD with the comfort and utility found in passenger cars. Twenty-five years and more than 1.5 million sales later, the 4Runner continues to evolve while remaining close to its roots. The all-new 4Runner is even more rugged and athletic, and packed with more power and better mileage. A completely redesigned interior and cargo area make the newest 4Runner more comfortable and versatile than ever. For outdoorsmen who enjoy tailgating, a “party mode” setting raises the bass and transfers the equalization to the rear of the vehicle to provide excellent outside audio. MSRP starts at $27,500. Visit www.toyota.com for your nearest dealer.

Savor the Flavor of the Wild Year Round – Hunters and anglers like to enjoy their fish and wild game all year long, but let’s face it, freezing and vacuum packaging the meat can be a pretty expensive deal, until now. Instead of spending a hundred bucks or more for bulky countertop appliances, the ZipVac Portable Food Storage System kit at $29.95 is affordable and perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

Named “Best New Fishing Accessory” at the international tackle trade show in the U.S., and a sister expo in Australia, ZipVac is a new portable vacuum-packaging appliance consisting of durable, freezable, microwavable, boilable and reusable ZipVac bags, a portable hand-held rechargeable electric vacuum pump and lightweight manual air removal pump.

Food loses its fresh taste quickly, even in the freezer, because of air and moisture. Traditional packaging methods – butcher paper, freezer bags and aluminum foil – might delay freezer burn, but cannot prevent it. The only way to really protect the food is with vacuum packaging.

ZipVac’s newly redesigned bags come in a variety of sizes – quart, gallon, filet and jumbo. Visit www.zipvac.net for more information and to locate the nearest retailer. MSRP for the kit with both pumps and starter supply of bags is $29.95.

A Masterpiece of a Book on Fly Fishing — Jim Casada, one of America’s premier outdoor writers, who has fly fished the storied trout streams of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park since age 9, has captured this life-long experience and love of the Park in his latest book, Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park — An Insider’s Guide to a Pursuit of Passion. Already hailed as a masterpiece, this book is an ideal Christmas gift for fly anglers, who are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for.

Casada said he wrote the book to help celebrate the Park’s 75th Anniversary and considers it to be his masterpiece.

His work has appeared in virtually all the major national and regional outdoor magazines. Casada has written more than 4,000 magazine features as well as having written or edited more than 40 books.

The hardbound version sells for $37.50 and the paperbound one for $24.95. Postage and handling is $5. Copies can be ordered using PayPal by visiting www.jimcasadaoutdoors.com. Those wishing to pay by check or money order can order by writing High Country Press, 1250 Yorkdale Dr., Rock Hill, SC 29730-7638. Casada will sign or inscribe copies upon request.

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