UPM Delivers EU Eco-Labelled Copy Paper to United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

December 1, 2009

UPM, HELSINKI, Dec. 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — UPM will supply roughly nine million sheets of copy paper in cooperation with office supplies company Lyreco to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen December 7 to 18. Future from UPM’s Docelles mill in France was selected due to its superior environmental features, including sustainable sourcing of wood raw material and the EU Eco-label, the official EU mark awarded to greener products.

“Contributing to the sustainable information flow at the COP15 summit is a perfect fit for UPM,” says Philippe Riebel, Vice President, Environmental Affairs. “We are well-positioned with regards to EU’s ambitious target of having 20 percent of all energy derived from renewable sources by 2020. Today, 60 percent of UPM’s energy consumption is produced using renewable fuels, and about 70 percent of the Group’s own electricity production is CO2 emission free.”

UPM’s business is based on the use of a renewable raw material, wood, and creates a great platform for a fully sustainable product. The Group’s paper products, like UPM Future, are recyclable, biodegradable and derived from a natural resource that absorbs carbon.

Since 1990, UPM has invested over one billion euros in the production of renewable energy. These long-term investments have reduced fossil CO2 emissions by 40 percent per tonne of paper. The group is also the world’s biggest user of recovered paper in the production of graphic papers. “The amount of recovered paper UPM uses in one year would fill the Empire State Building almost three times,” says Riebel.

The paper supplied to Copenhagen, UPM Future, is one of UPM’s wide range of paper products that has been granted the EU Eco label, a label awarded only to products which have a reduced environmental impact during their entire life cycle.

The griffin, special COP15 edition: http://thegriffin.upm-kymmene.com/

Information on UPM’s actions to mitigate climate change: www.upm-kymmene.com > Media > Press kits > UPM is up for the climate change challenge

COP15 online at: http://en.cop15.dk/frontpage

EU Eco label online: www.eco-label.com

Lyreco: www.lyreco.com


Source: newswire

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