Earthcore Industries Unveils First EPA Approved Isokern GreenTech Catalytic Fireplace at United Nations Global Climate Summit Conference

December 11, 2009

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Welcome to the Isokern GreenTech Catalytic Fireplace solution for residential and commercial clean wood burning. As the first only US EPA approved modular wood burning fireplace the GreenTech is poised to become the new standard for all open wood burning fireplaces as part of the global initiative to reduce green house emissions. Earthcore is unveiling this innovation at the Bright Green Exhibition in conjunction with the United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen, DK December 12-13, 2009.

Innovative clean technology is what we at Earthcore obligate ourselves to, and the GreenTech fireplace is testimony to that fact,” said Carl Spadaro, CEO, Earthcore, 2005 Recipient of the Danish Medal of Honor. “For the first time, we can truly offer clean burning fireplace technology around the globe that exceeds EPA requirements here in the US while providing residential and commercial owners with the look and warmth of a traditional fireplace.”

Clean Burning Catalytic Filtering in a Fireplace

With ease of installation the Isokern GreenTech Fireplace (GTF) provides warmth and comfort of traditional fireplaces that is suitable for wood or gas fuel. Through advanced catalytic filter integration the GTF efficiency increases dramatically and removes particulate matter exhaust. The easily replaceable catalytic filter system requires no regular servicing and is suitable for existing retro-fit interior or exterior applications. In combination with the proprietary volcanic pumice material utilized, the GTF offers significant heat efficiency requiring less fuel. The GTF can be specified and installed in a variety of settings and architectural finishes making a logical choice for professionals and developers worldwide.

Exceeds US EPA Phase II Emission Standards

The GTF passed and has exceeded stringent EPA qualification standards by approved independent testing facility. (EPA Phase II Emission Levels; <5.1 g/kg – GTF Level <3.0 g/kg).

Information may be found at www.epa.gov\burnwise.

About Earthcore

Earthcore is a 20 year old Florida based corporation which designs, manufactures and distributes modular products made from volcanic pumice stone utilizing a proprietary recipe which exhibits high insulation values and energy efficiency. Today, Earthcore, is releasing its GreenTech Catalytic Fireplace the first modular EPA Phase II approved system which reduces particulate matter up to 90% and is suitable for Green House Emissions programs globally. GTF filtration system is estimated to last 3-5 years depending on annual use and is easily replaceable.

Earthcore’s, Iso-Safe utilizes clean technology with volcanic pumice stone for modular building material where fireproof protection of valuables are required. Iso-Safe blocks can be utilized in file storage facilities, residential safe rooms and retro-fit circumstances in high fire incident areas.

EarthCoat nanotechnology coating material is beneficial to industrial refining, power generation and biomass industries whereby increasing combustion, increasing base fuel efficiency while reducing residual waste. These areas are significant in the overall reduction of greenhouse emissions.

Earthcore is a corporation focused on clean environmentally friendly solutions for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Reduction of green house emissions through clean exhaust, reduced particulates, base fuel efficiency, increase combustion energy and high insulation value are all ways of finding friendly energy solutions from within. For further information please visit: www.isokern.net and www.earthcoreindustries.com.

SOURCE Earthcore Industries, Inc.

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