CT DOL Rules Barr Labor Issues ‘Very Minor Infractions’

December 11, 2009

PUTNAM, Conn., Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Calling Barr, Inc.’s payroll issues “very minor infractions”, The Connecticut Department of Labor assessed a small penalty against the company on Wednesday. The ruling settles a complaint by the Town of Killingly concerning payroll records for the Slater Hill Road Bridge Project.

“We are relieved that this matter has been put to rest and that the truth is finally out about this issue–that it was an unintentional misclassification of the work category for two employees for a limited number of hours,” says Robert Darigan, Barr’s president. “The Department of Labor found no other infractions or record keeping violations by Barr or any of their subcontractors relative to the Slater Hill Road Bridge project, which we’ve always known to be the case. The DOL investigated the payroll records of Barr thoroughly even though not a single employee of Barr, Inc. had filed a wage complaint nor had any issues with the payment of their wages.”

State statute requires DOL to assess a minor penalty ($600) for the inadvertent and unintentional misclassification of two employees working on the Slater Hill Road Bridge project. In addition, the company will pay $2000 for the wage restitution resulting from the reclassification for a small number of hours for the two employees. “The representatives of the DOL made it a point to characterize this as ‘a very minor infraction,’” points out Darigan. “We appreciate that they went out of their way to keep this matter in its proper perspective, given all the rhetoric created by others surrounding this issue.”

He also pointed out that the representatives of the DOL commended Barr for its openness and cooperation in the review process and that DOL specifically stated that the minor infraction was an inadvertent and unintentional mistake by Barr’s office personnel. “We really hope that this closes the matter because it has been a distraction to the community and this company that has been blown way out of proportion. We thank the DOL for clarifying and resolving the issue,” he said.

About Barr, Inc.

Barr, Inc. is a commercial construction company with over twenty-five years of experience in general contracting and construction management. It specializes in interior and exterior renovations, remodeling, building additions and ground up construction for the public sector. The company performs projects throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. For more information see: www.barrincgc.com.

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