Paleo Lithic Art Launches Limited Series of Gem Quality Dinosaur Bone Mounts

December 14, 2009

SEQUIM, Wash., Dec. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Paleo Lithic Art, specializing in artistic mountings of gem quality dinosaur bone and petrified woods, announces a new art form for discriminating collectors. The studio, owned by collector and artist Don Bradley, offers a limited series of fossil material mounted on exceptional metals and woods. Colorful, agatized dinosaur bone considered gem quality will appeal to private collectors and corporations with unique art exhibits.

Paleo Lithic Art features a fossil cache that has been acquired from private collections originally established in the 1940 – 1950s. The fossils currently on display range from polished sections or complete cross-sections of dinosaur bone, showing colorful cell structure and/or agate/opal inclusions, to complete bones that have been carefully restored. Some complete bones are sectioned and polished to reveal nature’s handiwork created by the petrification process.

“As a young child, I’ve been fascinated by Paleontology,” said Don Bradley. “I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting unique individuals who collected this material long ago and have only recently decided to part with their treasures. I saw the potential for a new art form for appreciating nature’s preservation of rare records from Earth’s pre-historic past. It’s a joy to create these presentations for a greater audience.”

Presentations from Paleo Lithic Art

Some pieces designed by Don are mounted on custom bronze sculptures identical to actual arm and claw structures of the original creature. All pieces are mounted on rare woods rich with patterns and hues that complement the presentation of the fossil material.

The dinosaur bone and petrified wood specimens are, at times, left whole or they are sectioned and polished to bring out the best of nature’s preservation of this once-living material. The most breath-taking results come from the infiltration of water, high in silica, which gradually replaces the original cell structure with the end result manifesting in quartz-based gems – such as agate, jasper and opal. Traces of metal ions present in the aqueous media result in an array of colors and luminosity made even more distinctive after diligent polishing.

Prices for the distinctive pieces currently available from Paleo Lithic Art range from $7,600 to $98,800. Contact the studio to discuss opportunities to view the pieces at don@dinosaur-gems.com.

About Paleo Lithic Art

Founded in 2001 by collector and artist, Don Bradley, Paleo Lithic Art strives to present gem-grade dinosaur bone and petrified woods in displays previously unseen in the art world. The philosophy of the studio is to prepare and sell limited numbers of fossil material mounted artistically, using wood and various metals, but in a fashion that does not overshadow the beauty of nature’s art. Each fossil mount is designed as a unique art piece for maximum enjoyment and appreciation value. For more information and to reach the artist, please visit http://www.dinosaur-gems.com or call (360) 681-6179. Email: don@dinosaur-gems.com.

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