ASPEX Kicks Off Free ‘Send Us Your Sample’ Microscopy Campaign

December 15, 2009

PITTSBURGH, Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ — Ever wonder what something looks like up close and personal? ASPEX wants your samples! ASPEX, makers of the Personal Scanning Electron Microscope (PSEM), kicked off its “Send Us Your Sample” campaign, encouraging people to send in samples to be scanned by one of their PSEMs.

The PSEM has a scan range of 100nm to 5mm and an imaging resolution of 25nm, capable of bringing the smallest samples into focus. In addition, ASPEX will not only scan your sample, but will post the “Before and After” photos along with an analytical report online, allowing viewers to see what the sample looks like to the naked eye as well as under the PSEM.

Simply fill out the submission form and send in a sample for analysis, free of charge. The SEM Image Gallery shows the samples already scanned, including mold, cat hair, fly eyes, and more. Satisfy your curiosity; send your sample in today!

ABOUT ASPEX: ASPEX is the leading provider of integrated microanalysis solutions for a wide range of critical cleanliness, microcontamination analysis, product purity, contamination diagnostics, predictive maintenance, and other process control initiatives incorporating scanning electron microscopes and elemental analysis technologies. The company’s custom solutions are at work in a variety of application-specific tasks in the steel, forensics, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries. Its full-service headquarters are located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Additional information about ASPEX and its tools for particle size analysis is located at http://www.aspexcorp.com.


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