Spectrum Blue Steel Promises a Very Green Christmas for City of Santa Rosa Nueva Ecija

December 16, 2009

MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 16 /PRNewswire/ — Spectrum Blue Steel’s global campaign in 2010 is to help Clean up the World by inspiring communities to go green while deploying Biosphere power plants. This Commitment is Held in partnership with the True Green Energy Group in an effort to clean up landfill sights and turn waste into energy.

On December 15, 2009 with more than 350 people in attendance including True Green Energy Group and its affiliates the Ground Breaking ceremony took place in Santa Rosa Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

The Municipal Mayor for Santa Rosa Honorable Josefino M. Angeles finalized the spectrum agreement by purchasing a site, and giving access, with 100% right of way for the immediate deployment of the “MRF” and Biosphere facility to be installed and connected to the grid for twenty five years with the provision that both parties can extend the contract by mutual agreement.

Honorable Josefino M. Angeles said during his speech, “that he would do everything necessary to help Spectrum Blue Steel turn on the Biosphere system. He went on by thanking Ronald Flynn, the founder of Spectrum Blue Steel for his genuine concern for Philippines and for finalizing the agreement to fix the city’s serious problem of municipal solid waste.”

The new site is located in Barangay Soledad Santa Rosa Nueva Ecija on 2 hectors of land where the city also promised to pay and pave new roads on the site so the Garbage trucks can deliver the MSW (Municipal Solid Wast) to Spectrums material recycling facility and green Biosphere gasification system. Further to the agreement Spectrum will be collecting all the relevant tipping fees for the collection of the MSW in addition to owning the recycling rights and pelletizing the garbage for clean green electricity.

The agreement was established and finalized due to positive testing results paid for by Spectrum Blue Steel. The testing was completed and delivered to the EIA of the Philippines and was approved by the department of energy.

Ronald Flynn made it clear during the ceremony, “that it is his intention to employ Filipinos and give them a clean green future. He stated in the first quarter of 2010 True Green Energy Group would be doing a massive hiring for green energy jobs for Spectrum Blue Steel, in addition to opening their new laboratory, in order to cage and sell the atoms inside the Buckyball that will be sold for Upwards of $4.4 Million Dollars per gram.”

According to Spectrums partners Dr. Gardner and Mark Murad who recently conducted the study said, “That the result of their testing and the study is a mind-boggling gold mine of money. Because the MRF system, and the Biosphere MKV, Spectrum will produce a Production rate of 7.5 million metric tons of carbon black per year that they can turn into Buckminster Fullerene molecules which are needed for flat screen televisions from Sony, RCA, Magnavox, etc.”

Mark, also said the fly ash from the Electrostatic precipitators of the biomass Power Plants may be sold for a profit of approximately $1200 dollars per metric ton where companies like Goodyear, BF Goodrich, and Firestone are fetching $1650 to 1,750 per metric ton – not to mention selling the Zeolite at a huge profit to the oil refinery catalysis industry who produce ZSM-5 and sell it in a range from $35,274 TO $110,231 per metric ton”.

The agreement between Spectrum and Santa Rosa was implemented with the city’s requirements to comply with the municipal code of 1991 (R.A. No. 7160) and the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 (R.A. No. 9003), where as local government units are mandated to establish solid waste disposal systems or environmental management systems, and to set up environmentally sound solid waste management facilities, and accord greater private sector participation in its solid waste management system.

Spectrum Blue Steel first project is now under major construction in the city of San Fernando where they are Building the first Biosphere green energy plant in the Philippines.

In January, Spectrum is scheduled to move into its new building in fort bonifacio global city where it will have its corporate offices and its first fully functional laboratory. The good news for SBS is they will have a 5 year tax holiday according to the new green energy laws under RA 9513.

Spectrum Blue Steel’s strategy is to “de-carbonize” the electric power generation industry by shifting to non-fossil fuel based energy sources, specifically energy-from-waste. This follows the Energy Policy Act of 2005 which confirmed energy-from-waste is renewable, and the Philippine Renewable Energy Law (RA 9513) of the Philippines..

Spectrum is a domestic corporation duly registered under the laws of the Philippines and holds a license to the Biosphere Technology from Global Environmental Energy Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GEECFNews). Global is a fully integrated energy company whose interests include electrical power generation, oil and gas exploration and production, clean coal and waste management technologies.

This press release contains forward-looking information within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of the 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and is subject to the safe harbor created by those sections.

CONTACT: Ronald Flynn of True Green Energy Group, +639-1-8888-0017

SOURCE True Green Energy Group

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