Himfr Analyzes Seasoning Prices

December 22, 2009

BEIJING, Dec. 22 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Himfr.com, one of China’s leading
B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name,
analyzes seasoning prices.

Following the spike in garlic prices, recently green onions, ginger, dried
peppers and other spices are also, and some even doubled. Himfr investigates:

Normally, wholesale garlic prices at this time of year, are 0.18-0.19
/kg, now rising up to 0.36-0.38 RMB/kg — nearly doubling; the wholesale
price of dried pepper is usually 0.6-0.9 RMB/kg, but this year reached 0.8-10
/kg, up by about 50%. Ginger and onion prices have risen as well.

Garlic and pepper prices are high mainly because of reduced acreage.
Because prices plummeted last year, farmers lost money, so this year they
reduced the garlic and pepper acreage by about 30%. Ginger acreage is
basically the same as last year, but because of a cold weather in northern
China this spring, affecting the germination of the growth of ginger, the
yields were negatively affected. Snow caused onion harvest difficulties, and
therefore prices have gone up faster.

Harvest season for northern dried chili is around the annual Mid-Autumn
Festival. Farmers artificially dry the harvested chili and put it into the
market, and then use last year’s stock to continue to supply the market. In
December, chili can also be dried naturally at lower cost than artificial
drying. At the end of the year, as natural dried chili is available in volume,
the price will decline.

In November, the selling price of artificially dried chili once reached
0.8-1 RMB/kg, which should be considered a price recovery, but in December,
when the natural dried chilli hit the market, but the price gradually declined.
This is entirely consistent with the law of value fluctuations.

The same is true for ginger and green onions. Northern ginger is generally
harvested in October, partly for fresh ginger, and partly stored up. Therefore,
what is sold on the market is still old ginger. During the onion harvest, some
are left in the ground until after the holiday for selling fresh onions, and
some are frozen. Because water loss, onion and ginger storage prices have gone
up as normal.

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