HNA Group Donates RMB1 Million to Support Disaster Relief in Haiti

January 18, 2010

HAIKOU, China, Jan. 18 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — At a ceremony held at its
Haikou headquarters on the morning of Jan. 18, HNA Group donated RMB500,000
each to the China Police Martyrs and Heroes Foundation and the China Red Cross
Society to assist China’s participation in post-earthquake relief and
reconstruction in Haiti and to express admiration and pay tribute to China’s
peacekeeping police officers killed in Haiti. This act of charity by HNA Group
makes it the first among Chinese enterprises to send condolences to the police
officers killed while on an overseas peacekeeping mission in Haiti. The Deputy
Director of the Hainan Provincial Public Security Department. Li Hong,
Executive Vice President of Hainan Province Red Cross Society, Zhao Guowei,
and HNA Group Chairman, Chen Feng, were among those who had attended the

An earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter Scale hit Haiti on January 12,
. Upon receiving news of the disaster, HNA Group closely monitored the
state of the disaster and rescue effort. Utilizing its experience from the
Wenchuan earthquake relief effort, it mobilized its resources as an
“integrated modern service industry operator” by immediately learning about
the conditions and needs of the disaster-struck area so as to prepare relief
supplies and ensure available transport capacity. The Group provided support
for the post-earthquake relief effort in Haiti by helping to transport
supplies and personnel, and expressed its willingness to provide the necessary
assistance to local Chinese-funded organizations and overseas Chinese. HNA
Group’s aviation, logistics and other transportation businesses were actively
in touch with the China Charity Federation and the Red Cross Society so that
it could keep abreast with supply and personnel transportation needs and be
ready to ensure available transport capacity at a moment’s notice. HNA Group’s
food catering business and commercial enterprises had also stored up the
relevant supplies of foodstuff, drinks, tents, blankets and other materials
required for the disaster area.

Chen Feng said that as a local enterprise on the international tourism
island of Hainan, HNA Group actively relays Hainan’s international awareness
and humanitarian spirit. This RMB1 million donation not only serves to support
the Chinese government’s participation in the post-earthquake relief and
reconstruction effort in Haiti, it is also an expression of admiration of the
people of Hainan and their tribute to China’s peacekeeping police officers
killed in Haiti through the China Police Martyrs and Heroes Foundation.

Hainan Airlines is the fourth-largest airline group in China’s civil
aviation industry and has accumulated extensive experience in ensuring
earthquake relief work. Since the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, HNA Group had
completed a total of 254 earthquake relief flights for some 655 flight hours,
during which it transported more than 1,100 tonnes of relief supplies and
nearly 4200 rescue workers. It was also the first mainland Chinese airline to
carry out a direct chartered cargo flight to Taiwan for disaster relief.

According to Zhao Guowei, as China’s national might increases, the image
of a responsible great nation is gradually being established. Taking the
initiative to assume the State’s responsibility, as HNA Group has, not only
highlights “China’s Love for All”, but also sets a good example for Chinese
enterprises to fulfil their social responsibilities and participate in
building the country’s image.

SOURCE HNA Group Co., Ltd.

Source: newswire

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