VisionMap Announces New Reconnaissance and Mapping System for Tactical UAVs

January 26, 2010

DGI 2010 – LONDON, January 26 /PRNewswire/ — VisionMap Ltd. today
announced the commercial release of a Reconnaissance and Mapping System for
Tactical UAVs (MIST). At just 10kg, the MIST payload can be carried by small
tactical UAVs, providing performance that equals full size reconnaissance
pods weighing more than 120kg.

MIST provides extremely high quality color stereoscopic imagery at
oblique and nadir angles, as well as highly accurate, automated mapping
products. MIST systems cover very wide areas in high resolution and can
record data for hours. In addition, MIST is platform agnostic and simple to
operate, enabling rapid deployment and adoption. MIST is operationally proven
over thousands of hours. For more information visit
http://www.visionmapsystems.com .

VisionMap will be showcasing MIST at the DGI 2010 Conference, January
26-27, 2010
in London.

About VisionMap:

VisionMap is a leading provider of state- of- the- art Reconnaissance,
Awareness and Mapping solutions. Leveraging unique multidisciplinary
expertise in mapping, photogrammetry, electro-optics and computer vision,
VisionMap has created an innovative imagery acquisition and data processing
technology. http://www.visionmapsystems.com

SOURCE VisionMap Ltd.

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