Peakdale Molecular Limited Announces Innovative On-Site Research Collaboration With Pfizer Sandwich Laboratories

February 1, 2010

CHAPEL-EN-LE-FRITH, England, February 1 /PRNewswire/ — Peakdale
Molecular Limited (“Peakdale”), a leading research Services Company
headquartered in the UK, announced today that it has entered into an
agreement with Pfizer Limited. Peakdale Molecular, through its wholly owned
subsidiary Peakdale Chemistry Services Ltd, will supply custom synthetic
chemistry services to Pfizer on-site at the company’s laboratories in
Sandwich, UK. This will involve building a team of more than 50 synthetic
chemists at the Pfizer Research site in Kent, supplementing the main Peakdale
facility in Derbyshire, which employs 90 synthetic chemists.

This facility will not only provide on-site chemistry resources for
Pfizer, but also provide a resource for other developing companies in the
vicinity. The presence of a world-class chemistry development facility will
add to the attraction of the Sandwich site as an innovation hub for the

Dr Tony Wood, Vice President, Pfizer World-Wide Medicinal Chemistry said:
“Synthetic organic chemistry sits at the centre of drug discovery. This
collaboration will allow Pfizer to continue to develop a strong community of
experienced synthetic chemists within its facilities and enhance the overall
culture of synthetic chemistry at the Sandwich site.”

“The positioning of Peakdale chemists close to the core of our research
operations gives a unique opportunity in this outsourced space,” said David
, Sandwich Head of Research and Site Director of Pfizer Sandwich
Laboratories. “In addition, this move begins to enhance the utilisation of
the real estate assets we have at Sandwich. I hope this is just the first
example we will see in this vein.”

“This is a great opportunity for Peakdale to contribute to Pfizer’s
success as the pharmaceutical industry seeks to become more efficient and
responsive to the rapidly changing environment of drug discovery,” said Ray
, PhD, Founder and CEO, Peakdale Molecular Limited. “We are extremely
pleased that Pfizer has chosen us to promote this new initiative and see this
model as one way to bring the entrepreneurial spirit of smaller companies to
synergise with the expertise and know-how of an established world leader.”

    For further information, please contact:

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