New Non-toxic Anti-fouling Marine Coating Provides Protection Against Zebra Mussels

February 3, 2010

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich., Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for spring, Zebra Zappers announces their new Zebra Mussel anti-fouling marine coating called Sta-Z-Off.

As toxic anti-fouling marine paints and bottom coatings become prohibited for use in U.S. and Canadian freshwater lakes, an effective non-toxic solution is needed to protect boats from Zebra Mussels, according to the founders of Zebra Zappers, Inc.

Tim Thomas and Kim Fraylick both have been boating enthusiasts for over 2 decades and understand the importance of protecting the hulls of their boats, along with other external components such as the trim tabs, transducers and out-drives. After years of testing various anti-fouling products, they discovered a solution that works. In fact, this unique formula works so well it inspired them to bring it to market. Zebra Mussel protection is now available in a non-toxic protective marine coating called Sta-Z-Off.

“I’ve tried many of the anti-fouling marine paints and coatings available today,” says Thomas, “but this formula really works. Traditional boat paints can only be applied to the hull, leaving other external components unprotected from Zebra Mussels. Sta-Z-Off is water-soluble and dries clear, allowing use on trim tabs, trim cylinders, rubber components, transducers, and out-drives. It also minimizes gel coat staining and makes for super-easy fall clean-up.”

“Sta-Z-Off is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and is not regulated as a hazardous material,” added Fraylick. “The product can be applied up to 3 times faster, and covers up to 4 times the area of other coatings. It simply prevents Zebra Mussels from attaching. Its non-toxic formula doesn’t eliminate algae growth, but it sure makes it easy to get off. Any algae that remains on the boat is simple to remove with a sponge pad and soapy water. No need for scraping, sanding, or grinding.”

Other ideal uses include: docks, pilings, hoists, lifts, buoys and trailers. Sta-Z-Off can be applied on virtually anything to prevent the attachment of Zebra Mussels.

Visit Zebra Zappers at the 2010 Detroit Boat Show – Booth C-40.

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