Obama Administration Strengthens Commitment to Advanced Biofuels

February 3, 2010

Advanced Biofuels Association applauds release of the RFS2 Rule

WASHINGTON, Feb. 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Obama Administration took a substantial step today in strengthening its commitment to ensuring the United States continues on the path toward a robust and thriving advanced biofuels industry.

“Today’s action by the EPA will help expedite the development and deployment of an entire new slate of high performance advanced biofuels,” said Advanced Biofuels Association President Michael McAdams. “A more robust advanced biofuels industry will not only help put Americans back to work, but will also ensure a better tomorrow for future generations as it lowers greenhouse gas emissions.”

The President and his Biofuels Intragency Working Group also released its report, Growing America’s Fuel, this afternoon at the White House and called for “additional focus on accelerating drop in biofuels development — gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels and industrial feedstocks” The report concludes “expansion of the biofuels industry should focus on advanced biofuels and direct substitute fuels that can leverage existing American multitrillion dollar liquid fuels infrastructure.”

McAdams explained that by completing and releasing the Renewable Fuel Standard, the Administration can use this rule to help usher in a number of fungible fuels which are compatible with today’s pipelines, engines and energy infrastructure. These energy dense fuels will give consumers more miles to the gallon and less CO2 per mile.

McAdams also noted that the EPA included a key component which recognizes the energy density of the new fuels and helps to put them on parity with the existing first generation fuels.

“This provision was brought forward from the original RFS and was a top priority for our members. The EPA should be applauded for its leadership in recognizing that advanced ethanols lower the greenhouse footprint and will become a larger part of the future market. It is important that Advanced Biofuels are performance-based and affordable to all Americans,” said McAdams.

The Administration also recently announced Department of Energy grants for Integrated Advanced Biorefining. Collectively, ABFA members were the recipients of over $100 million to develop pilot and demonstration facilities.

McAdams concluded, “We are now one step closer to the future commercialization of these promising fuels and home grown jobs.”

SOURCE Advanced Biofuels Association

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