Emission & Power Solutions Announces Collaboration With The University of Alabama

February 8, 2010

LONDON, Feb. 8 /PRNewswire/ —

Emission & Power Solutions, Plc (Frankfurt Exchange Ticker Symbol: EPI.F), a clean tech company that licenses, acquires, develops, deploys, and transfers technologies dedicated to improving fuel economy while also reducing environmentally harmful exhaust emissions, announced today that it has licensed the patent pending Vapor Emissions System developed by Dr. Marcus Ashford at The University of Alabama (“UA”). The Company is beginning a research and development collaboration with UA in order to commercialize the product. The Vapor Emissions System will be commercialized as an effective emissions-reduction device for all liquid-fueled passenger vehicles, including automobiles and light-duty trucks. The market includes automakers and fuel system manufacturers. The Vapor Emission has the following advantages:

  • Simple, cost-effective device for emissions reduction
  • Transparent to the consumer – same performance, same fuel system, requirements
  • Easy retrofit for existing fleets
  • Reduces startup emissions by 80%
  • Reduces total vehicle emissions by 50% to 75%

Erik Ulsteen, CEO & Chairman of EPS stated, “We are very excited to execute this deal with UA and look forward to the commercialization of the Vapor Emissions System. Vapor emissions serve as a major contributor to the creation of smog. Smog is a significant problem globally and has been known to cause respiratory illness and other severe health problems. We believe the Vapor Emission System will greatly reduce harmful emission bi-products.”

Dr. Rick Swatloski from the Office for Technology Transfer at The University of Alabama commented, “Dr. Marcus Ashford and The University of Alabama’s Office for Technology Transfer are pleased to partner with EPS to commercialize an on board vapor recovery system for internal combustion engines developed at the University. EPS has a proven track record of securing investment for business and product development. We are excited about working with EPS to further develop this technology and transition it into a commercial product for the public’s benefit.”

Dr. Ashford is an assistant professor of mechanical engineering within UA’s College of Engineering.

About EPS:

EPS is a “clean tech” company that licenses, acquires, develops, deploys, and transfers technologies dedicated to improving fuel economy while also reducing environmentally harmful exhaust emissions. Using advanced fuel treatment devices, EPS has developed a proprietary multi-phase process utilizing engineered flow patterns in order to restructure fuel hydrocarbons. This increases fuel efficiency and produces a cleaner burn during the engine’s combustion cycle. EPS has a portfolio of technologies in production and development and continues to expand its patented product line.

EPS’ primary product is the FX Reactor In Line Device that reduces fuel consumption, increases horsepower, and significantly reduces emissions. The FX Reactor is an aftermarket apparatus that can be added directly into the fuel line of any diesel engine. EPS is also developing a Potentiometric Sensor that selectively detects and measures combustion gases, allowing for a further reduction in emissions and improved fuel efficiency. The third technology EPS is developing is an On Board Distillation System that vaporizes fuel in order to produce a cleaner engine start and reduce total hydrocarbon emissions.

EPS is a publicly listed company that trades on the Deutsche Borse under symbol EPI.

About UA:

The University of Alabama, a student-centered research university, is experiencing significant growth in both enrollment and academic quality. This growth, which is positively impacting the campus and the state’s economy, is in keeping with UA’s vision to be the university of choice for the best and brightest students. UA, the state’s flagship university, is an academic community united in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all Alabamians.

For more information about EPS and its technologies, please visit the Company website at www.epsaves.com, or please contact:

    North America
    Ross Silver
    + 1 310.744.5268

    Christian Klingebiel
    + 41 415 000 727

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