Green Flush, Inc. Transforms the Toilet into a Conservation Powerhouse

February 9, 2010

GAINESVILLE, Ga., Feb. 9 /PRNewswire/ — It started with a toilet that wouldn’t quit running. WWII veteran Jack Mitchell and his wife had remodeled their home, and the flapper in the new toilet tank was sticking open. Money – in the form of a growing water bill – was being flushed down the toilet.

Mitchell decided to put a stop to it and got to work designing a better float valve. Two years later, the octogenarian had not only solved his own problem, he had invented a way to reduce water usage in toilets by 33% to 85%. Now the patent-pending Green Flush (http://www.greenflush.net) valve is available to consumers who want to save money, conserve water and help the environment.

Normally when one flushes the toilet, a standard rubber flush valve, or flapper, releases water from the tank to fill the bowl. The problem is that there’s no control over the amount of water used. The rubber valve stays afloat until the water level is close to the bottom of the tank. Because it’s so lightweight, the valve’s own chain often prevents it from forming a tight seal, keeping the toilet running constantly. Even when the valve functions as intended, a post-1993 toilet will release 1.6 gallons of water before it closes; older toilets use three to seven gallons per flush.

Green Flush, on the other hand, employs a weighted flush valve, giving the user complete control over how much water is used. When the user depresses the toilet handle, Green Flush works like any other flapper. But when the user lets up on the handle, the Green Flush immediately seals the valve opening. Just one gallon of water, the amount used by holding down the handle for two seconds, is enough to completely and cleanly flush most toilets. Depending on the toilet’s design, even less than a gallon may be sufficient.

“Green Flush started as a way to get our toilet to stop running all the time,” Mitchell explained. “But once I realized it would work well with only a gallon of water, I wondered why toilet manufacturers haven’t figured it out yet.”

The average family of four saves thousands of gallons of water annually with the Green Flush valve. At just $19.95 plus shipping and handling, it is easy on the budget and simple to install. Even the least mechanically inclined can typically install it in about 30 seconds.

“The Green Flush valve will pay for itself in as little as one month,” stated Jeff Smith, with Green Flush. “It saves money, saves water and in turn helps save the environment. Not everyone can install solar panels or buy a hybrid car, but anyone can switch out a toilet flapper and have a significant and positive environmental impact.”

Green Flush is available at http://www.greenflush.net. To learn more, or to inquire about product distribution, contact Jeff Smith at jeffsmith.ga@gmail.com.


    Jeff Smith
    Green Flush, Inc.


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