Autometrics Pulse(TM), World’s First Automotive Predictive Demand Indicator, Releases Results of Super Bowl Automotive Advertisers

February 12, 2010

NEW YORK, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ — Autometrics Pulse(TM) has determined the results of the recent NFL Super Bowl advertising 3-day impact on demand for the five models that appeared during , before or after Sunday’s game. This is the first time such data has been made available, and is based on measuring more than 300,000 daily prospects on over 100 online sources.

The biggest winner has been Hyundai Sonata, running ads before, during and after the game. Monday saw demand for the vehicle amongst current auto buyers double (+101%) compared to the 30 days before the game. That number has since slightly declined but is still +58% higher. The Sonata recorded the largest increase in total number of individual prospects of any of the advertisers over the three days, which is the best indicator of likely impact on sales over the next few weeks. Prospects for Sonata grew throughout the evening and reached a peak between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

The Audi A3 “Green Police” fourth quarter ad saw demand initially increase more slowly, rising +21% on game day, but then jumped to +88% on Monday where it has since stabilized; as of Wednesday night, demand was +90% higher than the prior 30 days. The sharp rise on Monday suggests social networking could have been responsible for the ad’s delayed success.

The Kia Sorento “Joy Ride” third quarter ad pushed demand for the model up +51% by Tuesday and by Wednesday evening had declined to +36% compared to the prior 30 days. Sorento saw the most notable spike in demand during the game; between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. EST, its share of “Prospects for the Small Utility Vehicle Segment” briefly increased to 28% from a more typical percentage between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. EST on Sunday afternoon, arguably making it one of the most compelling ads.

The Honda Accord Crosstour ad, shown in the game’s fourth quarter, drove demand the second highest on game day, up +30%, reached a relatively low peak of +39% on Monday and declined to +24% as of Wednesday evening. However the Crosstour recorded the second largest net gain in individual Prospects behind the Sonata. Prospects are the best indicator of likely impact on sales over the next few weeks.

The Dodge Charger’s one ad in the second quarter started more modestly with only a +3% and increase on game day, but by Tuesday, had increased +51% higher than the prior 30 days. The Charger declined slightly to +41% higher as of Wednesday evening.

Increase in Demand by day (relative to average demand for 30 days prior to the game)

                      Sun 7th
                      Feb 2010
                        (Game                            Weds
        Model          Day)       Mon 8th   Tues 9th     10(th)
        -----         --------    -------   --------    --------
    Audi A3                +21%       +88%       +88%       +90%
    ----------             ---        ---        ---        ---
    Dodge Charger           +3%       +27%       +51%       +41%
    -------------          ---        ---        ---        ---
    Honda Crosstour        +30%       +39%       +17%       +24%
    ---------------        ---        ---        ---        ---
    Hyundai Sonata         +44%      +101%       +90%       +58%
    --------------         ---       ----        ---        ---
    Kia Sorento            +14%       +51%       +28%       +36%
    -----------            ---        ---        ---        ---

Autometrics has published its comprehensive Super Bowl Analysis Report giving detailed information behind these numbers including by key markets and hour by hour during the game itself. Also, Autometrics will publish updates to measure how sustained the demand is for each of these vehicles. Contact Autometrics at www.autometrics.com for more information.

How Autometrics Pulse(TM) is calculated:

  • Pulse(TM) is driven by more than 100 data sources including major automotive sites, the car buying sections of major portals, automotive enthusiast sites etc.
  • Pulse(TM) is updated nightly, with yesterday’s results released “real time” the very next day.
  • Pulse(TM) is the largest demand data set available anywhere with over 300,000 data points tracked daily.
  • Pulse(TM) captures demand for all makes and models down to the zip code level.
  • Pulse(TM) has been proven by automotive manufacturers and academics to be highly predictive of new vehicles sales even at the local level.

About Autometrics

Autometrics was founded in the United Kingdom in 2000, is privately owned with offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Detroit. It is focused on helping clients make “better decisions faster” through actionable data and analytics technology with a strong focus on the automotive industry. Autometrics pioneered the concept of hosted business intelligence software in 2003 (according to Forrester) and manages client data for web analytics, ad spend, paid search, sales leads, sales transactions, customer records, order banks, surveys, stock levels, third party competitive analysis, call centers, etc.

The Autometrics Platform offers an integrated hosted Business Intelligence application for advanced data quality profiling, business intelligence, query and analytics, dashboards and predictive modeling. Autometrics has built up a strong track record and reputation in high client data quality standards and meeting delivery schedules.

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