New Interactive Tool Released to Understand and Reduce Carbon Generated in Global Supply Chains

February 23, 2010

RED BANK, N.J., Feb. 23 /PRNewswire/ — A new graphical tool was released today on the internet to help educate practitioners and the public on how they can directly and immediately impact their carbon emissions in international trade. The complex movement of goods in multiple modes of transportation is modeled in real time on the internet. The tool provides a simple and intuitive way to understand the volume of carbon generated by a single international shipment and to then change variables that they control to help reduce carbon emission by 1 to 3 metric tons of carbon per shipping container.

“The science of carbon dioxide’s impact on our planet is predominantly a certainty. Billions of tons of CO2 are emitted in to the atmosphere each year, warming our planet. The future damage will be significant and the need to act is now compelling,” noted John Motley, CEO and Founder of LOG-NET, Inc. “What this tool does is show how to burn less fuel in international trade. This should be compelling economically and for sustainability reasons. Businesses will need to manage CO2 in the future and we felt compelled to provide tools that help understand how significantly parties in trade can impact their carbon footprint today,” he added.

“Our new tool puts sophisticated CO2 emission calculation logic in the hands of users worldwide, and provides an intuitive, graphical interface to make it easy to use,” says Jonathan O’Keeffe, LOG-NET’s Chief Technology Officer. O’Keeffe added that there are many factors that impact the amount of CO2 generated by the movement of a container of goods or an air shipment. Factors such as route, mode, time spent in port, and size of the vessel each have significant impacts on the amount of CO2 generated. LOG-NET’s tool is designed to let users investigate the impact of changes of these various factors. For example, the emissions generated by a movement of cargo from China shipped through the Port of Seattle to an interior point in the US can be compared to the emissions from the same movement through the Port of Savannah.

Motley said that LOG-NET plans additional product offerings to help companies better understand how to reduce their carbon emissions in international trade. “Our aim is to provide a full suite of tools for detailed, accurate measurement of sustainability metrics across the entire supply chain,” Motley said.

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