Electronic Cigarette Sales Continue to Rise in Popularity

February 25, 2010

GAINESVILLE, Fla., Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ — Exponential growth is the term that some electronic cigarette retailers are using to express the increase in sales volume that they are experiencing over the last 6 to 12 months and this growth is continuing despite the corporate sponsored anti-smoking campaign against them.

The public has judged the information and test results that have been done on both sides of the arena and seem to be listening to the electronic cigarette side with more trust than that of organizations that are funded by the pharmaceutical industry. But, why is the public showing distrust in these special interest groups?

Some are speculating that evidence has been submitted to the public that is “shady” in the wording and misleading phrases that in the public’s eye is not fact at all. There have been many special interest groups that have used the phrase “e cigarettes contain a chemical that is found in anti-freeze” to scare the public away from them, while the ingredients in them that they speak of are actually on the FDA GRAS list, which stands for “generally recognized as safe.”

“What these special interest groups are not telling you is that the same ingredients that they say are also found in anti-freeze, like propylene glycol, are used in asthma inhalers,” states Tiffany Ellis. “And that water is also found in anti-freeze, but no special interest groups are calling for a ban of asthma inhalers or water.”

It seems that the special interest groups and the ones funding them have become so far detached from the public that they assume that today’s American is not smart enough to catch the deceptive language in the scare tactics being used against them for personal and corporate gain at the expense of the very Americans that keep them in business.

During trying times and a tough economy, companies have to be able to offer a better product at a better price in any given market to thrive, and from sales reports, it looks like corporate America is missing the bill by trying to deceive the public, allowing the popularity to increase at exponential rates.

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