Rsignia(R) Demonstrates Its Cyber Warfare Offensive Capability

March 3, 2010

COLUMBIA, Md., March 3 /PRNewswire/ — Rsignia® successfully demonstrated its new cyber warfare offensive capability today in a live four-hour test in their Cyber Warfare Test and Simulation Lab.

The CyWarfius® CyberScope(TM) is capable of deep content inspection with the ability to conduct a surgical offensive strike on a specific target. While the details of the test will remain confidential due to the sensitive nature of the capabilities, the CyWarfius® CyberScope(TM) has the proven ability to offensively strike up to 1 million specific targets.

Darrell Covell, CTO and Founder of Rsignia, Inc. said, “This successful test places Rsignia® in a great space in time as the threat assessments of top officials escalate. Today’s test is the result of two and one half years of research and engineering by Rsignia®. The CyWarfius® CyberScope(TM) can provide US Intel and DOD personnel the ability to parallel, analogist to today’s kinetic offensive in the cyber warfare domain.” With all the talk regarding “cyber shockwave,” Mr. Covell feels this product takes it to the next level, an offensive capability where none existed before. Further development and testing on variant products are ongoing and will be conducted in Rsignia’s Cyber Warfare Test and Simulation Lab in the near future.

If you would like more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact Simone Stanich at 410-290-9697 ext. 37 or e-mail Simone at pr@rsignia.com.

About Rsignia, Inc.

Rsignia® is a leading provider of innovative, cutting-edge cyber security, forensics and mitigation tools to support the ever-changing landscape of cyber warfare. Delivering advanced solutions quickly, with better quality and less overhead. The company’s business partners are among the few technology enablers selected to augment their comprehensive cyber warfare solutions. Customers consistently look to them for the latest and most technologically advanced cyber warfare solutions and services.

With evolving cyber security mandates to address today’s cyber warfare concerns, Rsignia’s unparalleled engineering expertise in cyber counter intelligence solutions have a steadily growing install base within the Federal market and growing commercial marketplace. Through its large-scale systemic architecture approach, with full understanding from front-end data acquisition to threat detection methods, Rsignia® provides comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of its clients. As such, Rsignia® has become known as “The X Factor in Cyber Warfare.”

Rsignia, Inc. holds an active GSA schedule contract #GS35F0705P.


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