Digital Sun Debuts Irrigation ‘Thermostat’ for Your Lawn

March 16, 2010

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 16 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Sun, Inc., a leading developer of smart irrigation products, unveils a revolutionary product for residential and commercial markets – S.Sense Wireless Soil-Moisture Sensor Upgrade.

This remarkable new product provides wireless, sensor-based control; utilizing breakthrough technology to provide a professional-quality smart irrigation solution.

S.Sense acts like a “Thermostat” for your lawn, with sensors continuously monitoring the moisture in the soil and communicating wirelessly with the receiver to manage the water used to keep landscapes healthy and green.

Sensor control provides more efficient use of water. Water conservation is a critical issue in the regions of the US experiencing sporadic drought conditions, increasing demand and higher costs.

Rex Dixon, industry veteran and former president of the Irrigation Association, says, “The future of smart irrigation is in sensor-based control and Digital Sun’s new wireless sensors can upgrade any existing controller today.”

Typical automatic sprinkler systems are controlled by a timer that waters on a repetitive schedule; “blind” to changes in environmental conditions that affect soil moisture, like rain, humidity or sun. These systems can waste thousands of gallons of water on days they run when water is not needed. S.Sense is a highly effective way to reduce the water wasted by these inefficient irrigation systems.

The patented S.Sense solution is a smart upgrade to existing automatic sprinkler systems. It consists of wireless sensors inserted in the ground and a receiver that connects to any existing automatic sprinkler system controller. These professional-grade wireless units can be installed by anyone in just a few minutes.

S.Sense is available now and can be ordered online at www.DigitalSun.com

About Digital Sun

Digital Sun is the leading provider of sensor-based smart irrigation products for commercial and residential markets. The company delivers solutions that provide more efficient and effective use of water for the maintenance of healthier landscapes. Digital Sun is a privately-held company based in San Jose, CA.

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