TechniData Simplifies the Process of Complying with US EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Mandatory Reporting Rule (GHG MRR)

March 23, 2010

WILMINGTON, Del., March 23 /PRNewswire/ — US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) mandatory GHG reporting rule under the Clean Air Act (CAA) is one of the biggest rulings to come out of EPA in more than a decade. It affects over 10,000 facilities in the US and mandates that the facilities measure and report GHG emissions to the EPA on an yearly basis, starting from year 2010. Unlike voluntary GHG management programs, procedures for measuring and reporting GHG emissions under the EPA’s GHG reporting rule are quite rigorous and many facilities are required to set up appropriate equipment and management processes to comply with the reporting rule’s obligations.

TechniData’s GHG MRR Quick-Start Package is designed to help companies and facilities quickly set up required measurement, calculation and data quality assurance/control processes to support mandatory GHG reporting requirements. The TechniData GHG MRR Quick-Start package includes readily usable templates that incorporate calculations, data collection and quality control/assurance processes for important source categories of the EPA’s GHG reporting rule.

“EPA’s mandatory GHG reporting rule has prompted many companies and facilities in the US to seriously look at the GHG management process within their facilities for the first time. While some organizations have had experience with GHG reporting under voluntary schemes, few organizations in the US have experience addressing GHG management and reporting as regulatory requirements” said TechniData America’s CEO, Steve Illes. “TechniData’s many years of experience with the EU-Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS), Title V permitting and NESHAP allowed us to develop the GHG MRR Quick-Start Package. We made sure that it is designed to help customers quickly implement required business process and information management protocols and confidently comply with EPA’s GHG reporting requirements under the Clean Air Act.”

TechniData’s GHG MRR Quick-Start Package leverages SAP Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Management as the foundation for the overall GHG management process, including data collection, calculation processes, quality control/assurance, emissions accounting, enterprise and plant floor integration and verification. SAP EHS Management has proven itself to be a robust platform for emissions management and environmental compliance processes around EU-ETS, Title V permitting and hazardous air pollutants under the Clean Air Act in many industries.

The GHG MRR Quick Start Package is an important component of TechniData’s GHG Management Solution. TechniData’s GHG Management solution is designed to be a sustainable foundation for regulatory focused GHG reporting for EU-ETS, EPA’s GHG MRR, NGERS and California Air Resources Board (CARB) and voluntary GHG reporting associated with Carbon Disclosure Project and Corporate Sustainability Reporting.

You can learn more about TechniData’s GHG MRR Quick-Start Package at http://www.technidata.com/solutions/ghg-quickstart.php

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