Vystar(R) Corporation Announces Publication of Paper Presented at International Latex Industry Conference

March 24, 2010

ATLANTA, March 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Vystar® Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: VYST), the exclusive creator of Vytex® Natural Rubber Latex (NRL), a patented, all-natural raw material that significantly reduces antigenic proteins found in natural rubber latex, has published its seventh technical paper, titled “Balancing Material Acquisition and Production Costs: Quantifying the True Cost of Aluminum Hydroxide Treated Natural Rubber Latex.”

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The paper was authored by Vystar Corporation and Dr. Ranjit K. Matthan of KA Prevulcanised Latex P Ltd, India, and was presented by Vystar’s President and CEO, William Doyle, at Smithers RAPRA’s Sixth International Latex & Synthetic Polymer Dispersions Conference in Amsterdam on Wednesday, March 24th. The paper provides a comprehensive analysis, using actual manufacturer case studies, of the cost and performance benefits of using Vytex NRL as a safer alternative to standard latex and a greener substitute for synthetics in multiple product applications. To review and download the paper, please visit vytex.com.

The paper notes that Vytex NRL offers performance improvements and manufacturing cost savings that offset the acquisition cost premium associated with Vytex NRL compared to standard NRL. Highlights include a surgical glove manufacturer who reports potential savings of over $400,000 derived from reduced water and energy usage, a European medical dressing manufacturer’s testing that shows a 20-fold lower protein level in cohesive medical bandages made with Vytex NRL and a study that demonstrates Vytex NRL toy balloons exhibit more vibrant colors and stay inflated longer when compared to standard latex, while enjoying a 15% greater manufacturing line speed.

A recent United Nations Human Development Report notes the growing scarcity of water resources in heavy manufacturing areas such as China and India. The significant reduction in the use of water associated with using Vytex NRL in various production models–linked to the decreased need for repeated washing and leaching and associated energy consumption–not only makes it a green solution but supports environmental sustainability in water-stressed countries around the world.

The paper includes a specific case study involving an actual global glove manufacturer in India, whereby the company reported potential savings of $472,500 annually by eliminating several of the secondary leaching steps it currently uses to remove proteins.

Turning to the specific market advantages of Vytex NRL, the paper acknowledges increased consumer interest in the natural rubber latex bedding market fueled by environmental awareness and the link between better sleep and better health, including pillows and mattresses. Vytex NRL foams offer a cleaner appearance and significantly reduced odor due to the ultra-low levels of protein and non-rubbers, providing an added cost benefit for the manufacturer by reducing the use of compounding additives, such as whiteners and fragrances, and a more pleasurable sleep experience for the consumer.

Further advantages to Vytex NRL are found within the adhesives market as Vytex NRL adhesives have been shown to exhibit stability before and after spraying, as well as improved consistency and less clumping, without sacrificing adhesion quality and tackiness. A European dressing manufacturer reports that the use of Vytex NRL achieved a 95% reduction in proteins in cohesive medical bandages over their standard NRL, thus lessening the risk of sensitive skin reactions.

For toy balloons, Vytex NRL offers considerable manufacturing and performance benefits over standard NRL. Independent laboratory tests show that balloons made with Vytex NRL exhibit more vibrant colors with less pigment usage in the dyeing process. This is due to the characteristically white color of Vytex NRL in its natural state compared to the yellowish pigmentation consistent with standard NRL. In addition, balloons made with Vytex NRL have been shown to retain air 60.6% longer, and helium 50% longer than balloons made from standard NRL over comparable periods of time.

Mr. Doyle said, “Our paper puts forth a compelling case for the superiority of Vytex NRL across a variety of measures, including cost of production, environmental considerations, and physical performance characteristics of the finished product. By presenting at the Latex & Synthetic Polymer Dispersions Conference, we are not only drawing attention to the market potential of Vytex NRL; we are also signaling Vystar’s position as a growing company that can increasingly satisfy consumer demand for a broad range of latex products without exposure to petrochemical issues.”

About Vystar Corporation

Based in Duluth, GA, Vystar Corporation (OTC BB: VYST.OB) is the exclusive creator of Vytex Natural Rubber Latex (NRL), a patented, all-natural raw material that significantly reduces antigenic proteins found in natural rubber latex and can be used in over 40,000 products. Vystar is working with manufacturers across a broad range of consumer and medical products to bring Vytex NRL to market in adhesives, balloons, surgical and exam gloves, other medical devices and natural rubber latex foam mattresses, pillows and sponges. For more information, visit www.vytex.com.

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