Towards a Sustainable Security in the Maghreb: an Opportunity for the Region, a Commitment for the European Union

April 7, 2010

PARIS and BRUSSELS, April 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ –

– Special report, 28 pages, available in English, French, and Spanish

Undergoing important transformation, North Africa constitutes a major
challenge for the European Union. In deed, if it holds many opportunities,
the Mediterranean partnership also presents many challenges, which force us
to throw light on all political, economic, social and geopolitical

Shortly after the definition of the new European Internal Security
Strategy, and the holding of the first bilateral summit between the European
Union (EU) and Morocco, and few weeks before the summit of the Union for the
Mediterranean (UpM ), the time has come for a re-assessment of UE-Maghreb

Convinced of the need to renew this partnership, the Thomas More
present its new report “Towards a sustainable security in the
Maghreb: an opportunity for the region, a commitment for the European Union.”
This report invites consideration of and analysis and recommendations on:

    - The social, economic, political, demographic and migratory challenges
      Maghreb societies have from now on to take up, and their potential
      Impacts for the EU;

    - The security issues which both sides of the Mediterranean are
      confronting with, with the rise of terrorism and crime across the
      Maghreb and Sahel, and the blocking borders in North Africa - with
      particular emphasis on the Western Sahara conflict, source of so many
      obstacles for 30 years, and about which the 2007 Moroccan proposal for
      autonomy seems today the best basis for constructive negotiations
      between the stakeholders;

    - The important role that the EU should play in the region, promoting in
      a big way all supporting systems that would facilitate cooperation
      within the Maghreb, such as the establishment of a free-trade area, for
      15 years awaited, and in order to finally establish the trust necessary
      for a better regional integration.

    - A new original and pragmatic Euro-Maghreb approach, redefining and
      strengthening the partnership within the Mediterranean area, with the
      goal of establishing a sustainable security in the region and for all

Find the Thomas More Institute report on April 7th, 12 A.M. on:

This note will also be discussed in a conference in Brussels, on April
. Find details: http://www.institut-thomas-more.org/mag/Carton.pdf

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